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10 Marketing Trends Students Don’t Hate in 2023

Marketing is a field that never stops surprising consumers with greater trends. And since consumer behavior transforms as well, brands aim at meeting clients halfway. In 2023, more and more solutions will become innovative and surprising. In this article, we have collected those that are really shaping the marketing industry. NFT, inclusive virtual world, digital ambassadors – these are just some of what you will find below!

1.  Brands Experiment With Web3 More

Last year, several major brands such as Prada, Yves Saint Laurent and Starbucks began experimenting with NFTs. They released NFT collections, created loyalty programs and provided access to exclusive features using tokens. By the way, the token is considered to become the official currency used on the network.

This year, brands will update their digital strategies to dive into Web3 even deeper. This topic certainly deserves further attention and if you lack time to study it, why not rely on outsourcing? You can easily place a custom essays order and free up your schedule for issues that interest you the most. In today’s world, authors are superheroes who help us manage it all in our hectic routines.

2.  Ambassadors Go Virtual

If a company presents itself in the digital world quite actively, then it needs more digital ambassadors. They improve communication with users, personalize the experience and increase customer loyalty. As the metaverse develops, brands will use advanced virtual avatars that are greatly multifunctional.

3.  Attention To Environmental Issues Increases

Not so long ago, the founder of the Patagonia brand transferred the company to a trust that redirects profits to protect the environment. Thus, the brand drew attention to environmental issues and set a new standard for companies that strive for sustainable development.

In fact, many brands strive for such policies now. In case you want to dive into this topic, just buy assignment online to focus on your top priorities. Marketing is a super exciting field and you certainly need the energy to study it more.

4.  Inclusive Values Become Viral

In 2022, Microsoft, Sony, Lego and other companies have teamed up to create an ethical and inclusive metaverse. Plus, some brands are already launching inclusive collections and advertising campaigns in the metaverse. For example, the Huffaz NFT project brings attention to Islamic values as well as supports gender equality.

5.  Companies Push The Boundaries Of The Real World

Brands experiment with futuristic technologies, launch intriguing limited edition collections and unexpected collaborations. For example, Coca-Cola released drinks with pixel and dream flavors!

6.  NFT Offers Privileges To The Users

NFTs will become part of VIP loyalty programs and will provide customers with additional opportunities. For instance, the Flyfish Club restaurant is using tokens as a key to enter, and Mila Kunis is selling NFTs to users willing to watch the exclusive series of the Stoner Cats.

7.  The Role Of Diversity Increases

86% of those surveyed by Wunderman Thompson believe that brands should involve representatives of vulnerable groups in their work. And 66% of the respondents prefer to buy from brands that focus on equity and inclusion. In the future, companies will recruit more talented people from vulnerable groups.

8.  Inclusive Products Hit The Mass Market

The purchasing power of people with disabilities and their families worldwide is estimated at $13 trillion, as Return on Disability says. Thus, companies will produce more inclusive products that are accessible to different social groups.

9.  Games Become An Ageless Hobby

Games fill our life with joy and careless time and that’s why we can’t help but recall many of them. The nostalgic concept is incredibly effective in marketing. That’s why brands are about to release games for people of all generations and create products that make us remember the good old times.

10. Conversational Marketing Rules the World

Today, customers expect to receive feedback from the company within 24 hours. We are looking for a “here and now” solution: that’s why conversational marketing saves the day. Communication with the client in real time works through a window on the site, instant messengers, or special applications. Chatbots are effective too.

To Wrap It Up

We live in an age where the line between reality and digital is blurring, and gen Z are redefining the standards of consumer experience. The marketing trends of 2023 perfectly show that those who are ready to change always win.

If you start using artificial intelligence tools in marketing, you will minimize many risks. As for automation, it allows marketing specialists to free up a huge amount of time and effort. And as for NFTs, the metaverse and interactivity, they are just a few of the things marketing surprises us with today.


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