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Women empowerment Initiatives by Schwing Stetter India

Schwing Stetter India adhering to the ESG (Environmental Sustainability and Governance) norms, lays its importance on Women empowerment as part of its good Corporate Governance policy. Schwing Stetter has always been an organisation eager to include women across various roles. Gender Equality is one of the key areas that we are focusing on.

Under a new model, the recently inaugurated Global manufacturing Hub in Cheyyar employs diploma engineers, both men & women to work in the Shop floor and various other manufacturing activities. The mission of Schwing Stetter India is to make the DET’s to learn while earning and elevate them to a level of Graduate engineers in a span of five year period, enabling them to emerge as a better professional in their carrier and also allowing them to explore the possibility of better opportunities outside the organisation also. Hence, to start with, over a period of time, Schwing Stetter India will engage Women workforce in the production Shop Floors to a level of 25 %, which will be a step towards fulfilling the ESG criteria. In fact, we have recruited 18 females in the first batch and they are currently undergoing skilling at our Cheyyar facility.

Here are some initiatives that we are actively involved in, to ensure that our women workforce feels heard, comfortable and safe:

  • Dwelling to be provided nearby to the production bases for families and all women hostel arrangement for the unmarried.
  • Creche on the Shop floor to care of their wards.
  • On equal pay and carrier progression: Women workforce will get recognition, based on performance sans gender basis.
  • Initiatives for higher technical education for the employed. (learn while you earn )
  • Women’s day celebrations
  • Appointing Female Supervisor for mentoring the women workforce.
  • In house training centre for Skill Development.
  • POSH Committee with a Woman head.
  • Schwing Stetter is also providing sanitary napkins for the women workforce.

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