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Why Consulting a Houston 18-Wheeler Attorney After an Accident is a Good Idea

Houston, the most populous city in Texas, has a harmonious combination of culture, medicine, and research. The city’s 2 million+ strong population has a fascinating mix of religions, ethnicities, and a booming international population. But just like every other city in the US, Houston has its problems with accidents.

There were over 68,000 accidents in Houston in 2019. Due to those accidents, there were over 23,000 injuries and 250 fatalities. Numbers like this are scary and prove that people are still careless when it comes to their safety. A category of accidents that tend to have a high number of serious injuries and fatalities are truck accidents.

The size of the truck and the speed at which it travels make truck accidents a very dangerous affair to be involved in. Truck accidents, especially 18-wheeler accidents, often cause injuries that may change a person’s life or, worse, cause death. This is the reason why victims injured in truck accidents or those who lost loved ones should consult an 18-wheeler accident attorney in Houston.

An experienced 18-wheeler accident attorney comes with a host of advantages. This article lists the reasons why getting in touch with a truck accident attorney is the right course of action.


Finding liability in an 18-wheeler accident isn’t easy. There are many complications that may arise when you’re looking for who’s responsible for the accident. This, along with the fact that you’re injured, makes finding the liable party/parties an impossible task.

A lawyer, on the other hand, knows how to do this. Once they perform a comprehensive analysis of the case, they’ll start listing down the parties who may have contributed to the accident. In an 18-wheeler accident, the liable parties usually are,

  • The truck driver
  • The trucking company
  • The vehicle/parts manufacturer
  • The auto mechanic who serviced the truck
  • The cargo loader

Based on the conditions under which the accident happened, one or more parties may be responsible for the accident. Your lawyer will find strong evidence to seek compensation from the liable parties.

Calculating Compensation

Seeking medical help after an 18-wheeler accident should be your priority. Medical reasons aside, there are 2 reasons why getting medical help is important. They are,

  • Finding hidden injuries
  • Estimating the seriousness of injuries

The second point is an important one. Finding out how serious your injuries are will contribute to the compensation you receive. Also, by submitting proof of medical expenses, even the money spent on cab fares for hospital visits will be considered when calculating compensation. Your truck accident lawyer will use all this evidence to calculate a sum that compensates you for your injuries.

Medical injuries aside, you may also incur property damage. Property can be anything from your smartphone and car to a house, swimming pool,and other similar things.Your lawyer will consider all the property damage you have suffered. Then, they’ll calculate a sum to fix or replace the damaged property.

Legal Knowledge

One of the major advantages of hiring a Houston truck accident attorney is access to legal information. Your attorney has ample knowledge of the trucking laws in Texas. Additionally, they’re also well versed in the field of law. This means that they are aware of the possible challenges that may arise and the solutions to these challenges.

Evidence Collection

After an accident, it is important to gather the evidence necessary to prove your role in the accident. Your attorney can help you with that.

Once you’ve received adequate medical attention, your attorney will meet you to discuss the details of the accident. Then, they’ll analyze your medical records and accident reports in an attempt to paint a complete picture of what happened.

Attorneys will even conduct investigations and consult with industry experts to prove the liable party’s or parties’ negligence or malicious thoughts.

Trucking Insurance Assistance

Trucking insurance is a lot more complex than regular insurance. Parties in a truck accident who may have insurance include,

  • The trucking company
  • The driver
  • The truck
  • The cargo (in some cases)

Getting in touch with all these parties as someone who’s recovering from an accident is impossible. Your lawyer will handle communication with the insurance companies of all the parties involved.

When talking about insurance, one can’t deny the scummy tactics insurance companies use to annoy victims. Common tactics include,

  • Offering incorrect information
  • Intentional delay in the investigation
  • Demanding documentation that is unnecessary to the case
  • Modifying the terms or language of the insurance agreement
  • Forcing claimants to settle for low claims

There are chances that victims may fall prey to these tactics. Most of the time, they think that insurance companies have their best interests at heart and that the offer is generous.This is one reason why some victims accept the first offer from insurance companies.

Financial hardship is another reason why victims accept the first offer from an insurance company. A victim would be under immense financial stress after an accident. With money draining away quickly and their inability to go to work, they accept the insurance company’s offer. This provides temporary relief from their current stressful situation.


There will be lots and lots of paperwork when you’re pursuing the at-fault party legally. This adds to the pressure of your recovery and the case. Your lawyer can assist in times like this. They can fill out applications, send demand letters, and prepare all types of paperwork, taking a massive load off your shoulders.

Wrapping Things Up

18-wheelers are pretty terrifying vehicles. They look menacing on the roads, especially on highways where they travel at high speeds. This combination of speed and size makes them a nightmare for the average motorist.

As scary as they seem, 18-wheelers are essential for the economy. They help transport goods and keep the economy running.

Accidents involving 18-wheelers are often serious. Victims of 18-wheeler accidents can suffer injuriesranging from small bumps and cuts to fractures and brain injuries to death. Physical injuries aside, 18-wheeler accidents tend to cause serious psychological trauma that the victim may carry with them for a while.

Approaching a lawyer is the best course of action for those who’ve been injured or lost a loved one due to an 18-wheeler accident. The lawyer will help you in all ways they can to get you the right compensation.


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