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Why Choose LGSF when planning Rapid Construction?

What might be better for a reasonable customer when an excellent, high-quality structure is offered in comparatively less time while being pocket friendly? All things considered, that isn’t a fantasy anymore. Light gauge steel frame construction has demonstrated to turn all your dreams into a reality. LGSF construction technology offers steel structures that are light in weight without settling on quality.

Light gauge steel framing manufacturers in India such as MGI India Pvt. Ltd. have been offering well-designed, precise and meticulous LGSF structures using the latest technology to cater to the growing requirements of the construction industry. The shift towards steel construction, whether for a house, commercial complex, or an 11-storey building, has offered competitive advantages of speed maximization and waste maximization.

With the changing construction needs, the technology is advancing to cater to the market. The LGSF technology supported with design frame CAD software is being used to design the structure and develop the building. These methods are being effectively used to create a single storey or multi-storey light gauge steel frames scale housing developments and delivering projects. The structures are fully optimized using patented technology, to provide a smart lean production process.

Apart from providing accuracy, the LGSF technology help catering to the rapid construction needs, especially during these pandemic times – for construction of residential, commercial, Schools, Health Centres, Community centres, Independent houses or rehabilitation buildings.

LGSF buildings are almost 1/3rd the weight and double the speed that conventional methods of construction. In case of emergencies, as posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the LGSF construction has offered unique, customized solutions without a steep timeline.

Here are top reasons why you must choose light gauge steel construction when planning rapid construction, pandemic or no pandemic:

  • The top advantage of LGSF is that it offers lesser time to assemble and erect the structure on-site.
  • There is no room for error as all the steel structures have pre-holes made, and all steel parts are leveled and labeled to avoid any confusion.
  • The structures can be entirely recycled and most of the material can be used again to develop structures as per the changing needs.
  • LGSF buildings offer good resistance against seismic actions since they are made of lightweight flexible material.
  • These structures are environment-friendly as they produce less amount of pollution during manufacturing and erection of the structure.
  • The skeleton of the structures are built with LGSF, however, the building can be finished with any specification so it can be utilized for any type of specification.
  • The erection of LGSF is so simple and fast, and hence, light equipment is enough and no major need to picking and lifting machinery, which makes it perfect during rapid construction.

Stratus-Steel India Pvt. Ltd. is amongst the top light gauge steel framing manufacturers in India. Apart from offering the best quality material, MGI also boasts of its designing capabilities and beyond. Get in touch today to understand your requirements and make a plan to build a residential or commercial building using the latest LGSF methods.

Contact us at work@stratus-steel.com or +91-9540996717


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