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What is an Electric Motor Rewinding Service?

If you use a motor for any part of your business operations, then you might reach a point where you need electric motor rewinding to keep the unit functioning. However, many people do not fully understand what electric motor rewinding is or why there are services dedicated to it.

It is important to know what these kinds of services are and why they are so important for any situation that involves an electric motor unit. But what is electric motor rewinding, and how important are electric motor rewinds overall?

About Electric Motor Rewinding

Rewinding is the process of stripping a motor of all of its windings. These are wires placed within the stator or armature of the motor, used to generate a magnetic field that helps drive the rotors and make the motor function. As a core part of a motor, they are naturally very important, and any damage or disruption can impact how efficient the motor is overall.

Remember, these motors are not simple pieces of equipment. This rewinding process needs to be done to a very precise standard of quality to ensure maximum results, especially if the motors need to be operating at a very specific standard.

By stripping these wires away, they can be replaced with a fresh set of windings, restoring the motor to full (or higher) efficiency. The wires need to be rewound through the stator and reinstalled alongside any other replaced components, getting the motor back to its original state.

While this might just seem like a simple repair job, motor rewinding is a very specific process that can take some experience to do correctly. Rewinding a motor incorrectly could potentially lead to problems further down the line, including issues with the motor not functioning as intended.

Why Use a Specialist?

Electric motor rewinding might be simple in concept, but requires an expert to ensure quality and safety. It is very easy to do things incorrectly with any kind of motor system, and people without professional experience in electric motor systems may end up severely hurting themselves and/or damaging the unit.

A lot of people assume that electric motors are simple pieces of equipment, but that could not be further from the truth. Industrial-level electric motors are huge pieces of equipment that require very precise work to repair and rewind, and doing it yourself can be a huge risk, even if you have the design documents or manual for the unit on hand.

Paying a third-party electric motor rewinding specialist means that you can avoid being responsible for any damage that happens, which can be important given how expensive these motors are. It also means that you are getting a professional to handle the electric motor rewinds, ensuring faster repairs and fewer delays compared to trying to do it all yourself.

It is not hard to find a suitable electric motor rewinding service. For example, sites like offer a full breakdown of what services they can provide, along with the individual steps or services they will use when rewinding an electric motor system.


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