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What are the advantages and uses of self-drilling screws?

When you build a structure, you want it to be strong and Everlasting. Products that speed up the job with Quality is a step in the right direction. Self-drilling Screws is the only links that connect the roof (metal envelope) to the structure. It makes extreme sense to have Self Drilling Screws of the Finest quality so that the Steel structure and the Building Envelope remains long-lasting without leakages or Corrosion. 

Fasteners are the unsung heroes that help to keep the metal roof secure over Men, Machinery and Material,  and to protect the structure from the vagaries of nature. The versatile and practical self-drilling screw has been in use for many years as a method for connecting materials. Since self-drilling screws do not require a pilot hole, they can rapidly and efficiently connect a variety of materials, which enhances productivity and performance. The types and varieties of self-drilling screws makes them applicable to a variety of construction and fabricating operations. Fasteners are available in different sizes and coatings. Application of the Fasteners decide the coating, thickness, Drill Tip, threads. 

Zinc Coated Self Drilling Screws are exclusively used only inside the building as per the standard. Zinc Coated Screws when used in an exposed environment leads to corrosion and other challenges. This leads to leakages and costly repairs.  

As the name indicates self-drilling screws can drill themselves into the metal roofing which saves a lot of time and effort. As a result of this, self-drilling screws are also ideal for more heavy-duty applications and industries. It has a fluted tip, almost like a drill bit, to dig into the material before its threads drive through it. They also come with a variety of options for the head, tip and other characteristics. The design decreases the preparation time by removing the need for pre-drilling which makes the entire process less complicated and messy. However, a poor-quality self-drilling screw can result in enormous costs if it is badly designed or made of inferior material.

ROOFIX Self Drilling Scew

How to Choose the Self Drilling Screw for Metal Roofing Panels?

Self-drilling screws must be durable to prevent perforation of the roof panels. A non-durable fastener will always begin to rust, even if painted. It must be able to withstand all the environmental elements it is exposed to. These include UV degradation, salts from marine environments, acid from industrial pollution, rain, extreme heat, fumes and gasses from within factories and plants, etc. While exposed to these conditions the screws must remain elastic, intact and watertight for the life span of the complete roofing system.

There is a lack of awareness for Various Quality of self-drilling screws in general which results in economical and structural losses. There is a general need for guidelines and standards that needs to be followed. Coating and size awareness are a few of the primary matters that need to be checked and standardized. Australian & International Standard AS3566 Class (March 2002) is perhaps the best guideline we have at present. The guidelines are very important for Correct Applications. Neglecting these might cause disastrous effects. 

Advantages of ROOFIX Self Drilling Screws 

ROOFIX Fasteners has sizes of fasteners based on the Drilling Capacity of Steel Thickness. The Applications of Screws like Roofing / Wall Cladding / Puf Panel applications. ROOFIX Self Drilling Fasteners Conforms and exceeds AS3566 – 2002 Class 3.

Zinc Coated Self Drilling Screws

Before you undertake your next construction job, it would help to understand the benefits of self-drilling screws.

Less preparation needed- Self-drilling screws save a lot of time and effort as you can use them on the go without any additional effort. Since they are self-drilling screws, no extra preparation is needed to use these screws. They spare you the mess of drilling the holes separately.

Anti-corrosion- World-class self-drilling screws like ROOFIX Screws are coated with Rust Shield Coating. It is a proprietary coating that is done over three layers. The Basecoat is Zinc followed by Mechanical Plating and finished with a Top Coat which is an Electropolyseal V Coat that gives 1000 Hrs SST Protection. These coatings protect the base metal from corrosion and protect the life of the Roofing metal sheet.

Durable- These self-drilling screws are made of strong durable metal which makes the structure long-lasting. The purpose of these screws is to hold the metal envelope securely with the structure.

Ductile– The roofing sheets of various lengths move due to thermal expansion. Ductility allows movement and does not shear break the Screws.

Increased efficiency- The use of the right quality self-drilling screws makes the construction process efficient leading to savings in time and effort.

Time and cost savings- When you use superior quality self-drilling screws from ROOFIX, you ensure the longevity of the building and safeguard the owner from costly repairs. It protects the material, men and machinery in the building. Every rupee saved is a rupee earned.

Self-drilling screws are a small component of the roofing structure but pack a powerful punch. It is best to go for self-drilling screws of the best quality to ensure that the metal envelope stays securely in place. ROOFIX Screws are made as per the Australian Standard AS 3566-2002 Class 3. This standard defines the different requirements of screws based on the application of the screws.

ROOFIX screws are made in Taiwan in bulk manufacturing which ensures Quality Manufacturing, Consistency, Best Manufacturing Practices, Quality Checks at every stage of manufacturing ensuring that the customer gets nothing less than the best product. The product is Factory Finished & Packed in Taiwan to ensure correct Quantity Packaging.

Superior quality Self-Drilling Screw for reliable external performance

ROOFIX Screws use only TRUE-Blue Low carbon EPDM Washers produced by DEKS Industries which is the leader in EPDM Products used in ROOFING. TRUE Blue Low carbon washers last longer and ensure expansion and contraction during day and night. Washers of other material get squeezed and lead to water leakages. 

Choosing the right self-drilling screws is a simple matter that can be handled right at the start to save the trouble of letting the structure suffer from rusting, corrosion, water seepage, loosening and dislodgement etc. These can cause unnecessary damage to the structure and its contents. To protect the structure from the forces of nature, it is best to make sure of high-quality self-drilling screws like ROOFIX and get yourself some peace of mind in the bargain. 

REALM Introduced ROOFIX brand self-drilling screws to the metal roofing market in India

The company product range consists of a perfect combination of renowned international design and India-specific customization. Self-drilling screws are imported only from ISO certified companies across countries in South East Asia. The company’s application specialists provide ready technical support in helping you pick the right product. They have a warehouse facility based out of Navi Mumbai that regularly delivers goods all across India. The product range of Realm consists of, Roofing Fasteners / Self Drilling Screws with ROOFIX Brand, DEKS Industries, Melbourne Based company dealing with EPDM Flashing products and DEKS EPDM Washers.

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