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Webinar on Precast technology, its implementation process and benefits

Precast Construction Technology consists of various precast elements such as walls, beams, slabs, columns, staircase, landing and some customized elements that are standardized and designed for stability, durability and structural integrity of the building. This technology is suitable for construction of high rise buildings resisting seismic and wind induced lateral loads along with gravity loads. Precast concrete is a smart, safe and cost-efficient way to build any type of buildings, from affordable housing projects to luxury villas, to offices, warehouses and parking houses alike. Originally developed in the Nordic countries, modular precast is one of the world’s most common and resource-efficient ways to build. Precast concrete ensures fast construction times, high profitability and excellent quality. Still, requirements for beautiful, modern buildings are not compromised.

Over the years the implementation method has evolved with the demand of customisation. Precast concrete can contribute to sustainable design in many ways. It is versatile and durable, produced under stringent quality control measures in a factory by highly trained personnel, with virtually no wastage. The precast panels can be quickly erected on the job site with minimal disruption to the site and precast thermal mass can save energy and increase comfort.

In this regard Elematic India Pvt. Ltd. is organizing a webinar on Basics of Precast construction technology which will be presented by Vice Presidents – Mr. Shridhar Rao (VP Sales ) & Mr. Vaibhav Singhal (VP- Design). It is scheduled on Wednesday, 19th Aug from 3-4 PM. 

Elematic is the leading supplier of precast concrete technology worldwide. They work in over 100 countries on six continents. We supply anything from a single machine to a production line and to a complete precast plant.

 Structure of the Program will be:

  • 05 Min Session by the host company  –  Introduction to the session
  • 25 Min session by Mr. Vaibhav Singhal, V.P Elematic  – on Advances in Precast construction technology
  • 20 Min session by Mr. Shridhar Rao, V.P Elematic   – on Mechanization of construction using Precast Technology
  • 10 Min Q&A.

For details about the webinar you can visit –


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