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Waterproofing with Sealing Membrane PRONIL PROMEM

Water ingress in buildings can cause significant impact on structural and safety issues. The source can be external, such as rainwater, leaky roof water tanks, groundwater, external drainages or internal, such as internal tanks and sumps, water leakages from defective toilets, bathrooms etc. The water ingress not only affects the living conditions of the occupants but also the structural integrity of the building itself. Hence it becomes imperative to ensure the building structure is well protected to prevent the entry of water into the buildings.

To avoid water ingress, and to keep your building protected, waterproofing with a sealing membrane is important. The challenge is to find a product that delivers durable waterproof protection which can be applied in different structural parts of buildings. One such product is PRONIL PROMEM. It is a sealing membrane made of polyethylene foil, two-sided polypropylene and non-woven laminated.

Advantages of PRONIL PROMEM

  • Acts as a waterproof membrane and protects floors and walls under tile installation
  • Good adhesion with tile adhesives, epoxy, modified PU adhesives or any other hybrid adhesives
  • Can be used in bathroom, kitchen, balconies, terrace, swimming pool etc.
  • Also used as joint sealing tape in wet areas of a building

Installation Method of PRONIL PROMEM

Schematic presentation of PRONIL PROMEM Instal

Below series of steps discussed about the installation method followed for PRONIL PROMEM can be done by a series of steps as discussed below. 

Before application, the floors/ walls should be made free of dust, latitude, dirt & release agents etc.

Step 1:

Trim the sealing membrane to the required size of the sub-floor and wall that needs to be sealed and waterproofed.

Step 2:

  • Select the right adhesive for fixing the PRONIL PROMEM Sealing Membrane.
  • C2 Tile adhesive is Ideal for Fixing and Stir the tile adhesive according to manufacturer’s guidelines. (C2 is a cementitious tile adhesive with >1 N/mm2)
  • Apply with a 4x4mm tooth trowel and It is Important to achieve an Even Mortar thickness of Min 4mm.

Step 3:

Apply the PROMEM waterproof sealing membrane in wet areas like Balconies, Sunken Portion, Kitchen, Bathroom, and Terrace, Swimming pool in domestic or commercial structures on the wall or floor from top to the bottom and from the center to the edges.

Step 4:

  • Avoid air Pockets and wrinkles and make sure that the overlapping 5cm minimum is required. Remove excess tile mortar at the Edges.
  • Also you can install with butt seam
  • Apply sufficient Acrylic Polymer or any compatible adhesive on the butt seams area, so that a waterproof tape or flashing tape can be easily embedded on top of the butt seam in order to avoid any water and moisture penetration

Step 5

  • Install the PRONIL PROMEM Pipe collars for the Bore packs with the same methodology mentioned above. This will avoid water penetration in the vulnerable area.
  • The PROMEM Pipe collars are available for 100-110mmm Diameter Pipe, 75mm Diameter Pipe, 50mm Diameter Pipe. Customization can be done according to Pipe diameters
PROMEM Pipe collars

Step 6

Apply tile mortar on the entire surface and start tiling instantly.

PRONIL PROMEM prolongs the lifespan of a building by limiting water ingress that may intrude and cause rust, rotting, corrosion, structural defects and other damages. Regardless of the scale, size, location or type of building, sealing membranes are an essential component necessary to protect the building’s structural integrity and its inhabitants.

About PRONIL Construction Chemicals

PRONIL specializes in manufacturing high-performance Acrylic Swellable Bars, Bentonite Hydrophilic Waterstops and Expansion Joint Tapes for construction for two decades. They also have a wide range of Expansion Joint tapes and Waterproofing flexible Joint sealing tapes.

To know more about the product range, visit:-  or contact – +91 9489058644


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