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Waterproofing sealing tapes to prevent water ingress

Mr. Maruthu Pandi, Business Head, PRONIL, India & South-East Asia

Effective waterproofing plays a vital role in safeguarding buildings from the detrimental impacts of water ingress. This ingress occurs through gaps, joints, cracks, or other vulnerabilities in the building’s structure. The consequences can be severe, ranging from structural damage and material deterioration to mold growth, compromised insulation, and indoor air quality concerns. To address the issues, adopting effective waterproofing measures becomes imperative. Among the various waterproofing solutions, sealing tapes stand out as a dependable and efficient way to establish impermeable barriers. By adeptly sealing joints, seams, and gaps, these tapes effectively block water from infiltrating susceptible areas. Their versatility and user-friendly application process make them invaluable in a wide range of construction projects, whether it’s for roofs, basements, windows, or doors. It is important to choose a sealing tape that is appropriate for the intended use and compatible with the surface or material where it will be applied. In this regard, PRONIL stands out as a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality sealing tapes.

The company specialises in manufacturing flexible waterproofing joint sealing tapes as well as high-performance hydrophilic water stoppers and for two decades. These products are made with non-woven fabric and polyester polymer fabric. are used to seal concrete joints to prevent water from leaking from concrete structures by creating an impenetrable barrier. 

Constrofacilitator recently had an exclusive interview with Mr. Maruthu Pandi, Business Head, PRONIL, India & South-East Asia. He is responsible for managing and leading the business division of the company. He oversees aspects of the division’s operations, including strategy development, sales, marketing, product development, and customer relations. During the interview he shared insights on company products, after sales services and their vision.

Here are the excerpts of the interview.

Can you elaborate on what sets your company’s sealing tapes and waterstops apart from competitors in the market?

Our products are designed to conquer various climatic challenges and temperature fluctuations. What truly distinguishes PRONIL is our unwavering commitment to top-notch quality and adherence to stringent standards. We utilise advanced THERMOPLASTIC Elastomers, setting us apart in terms of materials and performance.

How does your company ensure the quality and durability of its sealing tapes and waterstops?

Quality is at the core of our products. Our offerings come with Test report certificates from renowned governmental and private organizations such as CIPET and STEDRANT. This certification solidifies our commitment to delivering durable and high-quality solutions.

What are the range of products offered by the company and their typical applications?

We offer a wide variety of products designed to meet a range of needs. Our product lineup includes:

  • PROSEAL – TPE Expansion Joint Sealing Tape: This tape is used for sealing expansion joints. 
  • PROFLEX  Joint Sealing Tapes: These tapes are specially designed for sealing joints in floors, walls, and corners
  • ACR – Acrylic Swellable Bar: These Acrylic Swellable Bar is used for creating impermeable barriers. 
  • INTUFLAME – Intumescent Fire Strips: These Fire Strips are engineered to provide fire protection.

These products serve a variety of purposes, including sealing walls, construction joints, basements, tunnels, swimming pools, cable and pipe penetrations, and sewage treatment plants, among other applications.

How does your company approach product development and customization to address specific customer requirements or challenges?

Understanding our customers is key. Our approach involves understanding the market and tailoring solutions based on customer needs. We engage our dedicated R&D team to manufacture customized solutions such as wider tapes for larger joints, enhanced TPE expansion capabilities, and new tapes for vulnerable joints.

What kind of customer support and technical assistance does your company offer to clients who use your sealing tapes and waterstops?

We offer robust customer support. Our team includes trained experts from the company and authorized PRONIL applicators who possess an in-depth understanding of building science. They’re equipped to provide tailored solutions, ensuring our clients get the best outcomes.

PROSEAL Expansion Joint Tape
Application of PRONIL PROSEAL at sites

What is your company’s vision for the future of sealing tapes and waterstops, and how do you plan to contribute to the industry’s growth?

Our vision is ambitious yet purposeful. Recognizing the significant market potential for sealing tapes and systems in India, we aim to establish a manufacturing unit in the country. This strategic move will enable us to effectively serve the growing demand in South East Asia, contributing to the industry’s expansion while maintaining our commitment to quality and innovation.


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