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Volvo’s new F-generation compact excavators North American Job Sites

Volvo Construction Equipment is introducing two new F-generation compact excavators for the North American market. The 5-ton (4.5-metric-ton) ECR50F with a zero-tailswing radius is new to the region, while the short-swing, 6-t (5.4-mt) ECR58F represents the evolution of the popular D-series model.

“The ECR50 and ECR58 are ideal for rental markets and owner/operators who need a short-swing compact excavator that can nimbly work across a range of applications, including utilities, landscaping, road construction, and more,” says Volvo CE Product Manager Darren Ashton.

Both the ECR50F and ECR58F share a footprint that’s 6 feet, 7 inches (2,000 millimeters) wide and approximately 17 feet (5,180 mm) in length. Their standard bucket capacity is 0.15 cubic yards (0.11 cubic meters). Both machines can swing their booms 77 degrees to the left and 55 degrees to the right.

Volvo equips the ECR50F and ECR58F with an ECO mode that can cut fuel costs by up to 10%. Auto-idle and auto-engine shutdown features come standard. Volvo points out that auto-idle and auto-shutdown not only reduce emissions and fuel usage, they also eliminate wasted idle time on the machines’ hour meters.

The two compact excavators have relatively roomy cabs with an automotive-style menu wheel, a 5-inch color display, and 12-volt and USB device charging ports. Both models are eligible for a free year of Volvo’s ActiveCare Direct telematics service. The manufacturer covers all of its excavators with a lifetime warranty on the frame, boom, and arm for the first owner.

The Volvo ECR50F

The new ECR50F has an 11,133-pound (5,050-kilogram) operating weight and a 41.8-horsepower (31.2-kilowatt) engine. Its digging equipment, undercarriage, and hoods have been ruggedly reinforced. The mini excavator boasts a bucket breakout force of 8,134 pounds-force (36.2 kilonewtons) and a tearout force/arm breakout force of 5,834 lbf (25.9 kN).

The main hydraulics pump on the ECR50F has a maximum flow rate of up to 31.7 gallons per minute (120 liters per minute). The crawler excavator can travel at up to 2.73 mph (4.4 km/h). It has a 50-hour greasing interval, and its wide-opening engine hood and accessible service points make maintenance tasks very straightforward.

The Volvo ECR58F

Volvo says that its new ECR58F can lift 10% more than its D-series forerunner. The new F-generation digger also has a 5% greater bucket breakout force of 9,422 lbf (41.9 kN), as well as a 7% greater arm tear-out force of 6,387 lbf (28.4 kN) as compared to the ECR58D. The machine’s 37.8-gpm (143-lpm) hydraulics pump and customizable auxiliary hydraulic settings allow it to wield bigger attachments more effectively.

The ECR58F has a 12,875-lb (5,840-kg) operating weight and gets its power from a 48-HP (35.8-kW) engine. Its top travel speed is 2.8 mph (4.5 km/h).


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