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Volvo EC380E Straight Boom excavator can be used as demolition tool

The EC380E Straight Boom excavator comes with several useful standard features that are valuable in demolition applications

The new Volvo EC380E Straight Boom excavator does away with the traditional boom-and-stick approach of digging-biased excavators, and instead is fitted with a 7m long straight boom and purpose-made arm.This higher reach, along with superior stability and lifting capabilities, making it particularly suited to demolition applications.

Always on its guard

The extra-long straight boom gives significant height and reach advantages over the standard machine it is based on. Just like a boxer’s face guard, the cab on the Volvo EC380E Straight Boom excavator is protected against falling debris with a frame-mounted Falling Objects Guard. And thanks to large, glazed areas, operators gain excellent views of the worksite. The roof window and one-piece front glass are made from P5A, which is resistant to high impacts, meeting EN356 standards. Both the front and roof glazing come with a wiper and washer as standard. Visibility at night is aided by the standard LED lights on both the boom and platform, and there are additional light options for the cab and counterweight.

The EC380E Straight Boom excavator comes with several useful standard features that are valuable in demolition applications. These include X1 and X3 auxiliary piping, a quick fit and oil drain line, and water lines that are connected to a dust suppression system.

The dust suppression system features a 30 liters-per-minute lifting pump, through which water flows to four arm-based nozzles, that together create a fine mist that contains the dust. The system can work in either Auto or Manual mode. In Auto mode the water is only sprayed when the attachment is operating. In fact, there is no end to the water system’s talents, as a high-pressure water gun mounted behind the cab can be used to clean the machine.

Working with a heavy tool at reach is not a problem, thanks to the fitment of a heavy counterweight that is hydraulically removable for easy transportation.

Built to demolish

Robust and heavily reinforced to withstand working with high-impact materials or demanding terrain, the Volvo EC380E Straight Boom excavator has a solid main frame made of heavy-duty plate steel with bolt-head protection. There is also heavy-duty (or eXtreme Duty) undercover protection, a heavy-duty belly guard and a full track guard. A slew ring cover and heavy-duty side doors with screens and louvres offer added protection. The machine is further protected against damage from debris by added protection on both bucket and boom cylinders. Even the engine is protected – the cooling fan is reversible, meaning that debris stuck in the radiator can be easily ejected, helping to keep the radiator clean and engine running at optimal temperatures.

The EC380E Straight Boom excavator comes with a choice of cab entrances – either a fixed cab entrance and thicker Side Impact Protection System (SIPS), or a foldable cab entrance with narrow SIPS, the latter helping make transportation more convenient.

A comprehensive range of Volvo Services are available, which include service plans and Genuine Volvo Parts, from the dedicated Volvo dealer network, ranging from routine wear inspections and oil analysis to full-service agreements and operator training.

The EC380E Straight Boom excavator offers more than just the addition of a longer boom. It is a package of features and options that make for a devastating demolition tool. And it won’t be on its own for long – Volvo CE will shortly launch a 30-ton class EC300E Straight Boom excavator, with all the same features and benefits.


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