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Various Benefits of Installing Automatic Door Sensors

Doors are the main entry points through which a person enters their home, an office, a store, a hotel or pretty much any building for that matter. It is generally one of the first things visitors see when entering a place and as such, should not only be secure, safe, and easy to use but should also give out a positive and welcoming vibe. Over the last decade, the use of automatic door sensorsis becoming an increasingly popular option, especially in the corporate setting.

These sensors allow for seamless and efficient control over the doors of your home/office and keep the entrance secure. The doors automatically open and shut when someone approaches them and can be remotely locked duringnon-operating hours.

While being impressive is not the only benefit of automatic door sensors. There are many others, such as:

  • Allows for better monitoring of the entrance and exit of the premises

With automatic door sensors, you can easily monitor the entry and exit points of the building. This allows you to keep an eye on what or who comes in and goes out, as anyone wanting to pass through needs to be within a certain range for the sensors to detect them and open the doors.

If configured, a notification can be sent every time the door opens so that you can keep track of entries and exits in real-time. This also makes checking security footage easier, should you have a security camera installed near the doors.

  • Can be controlled remotely

Many automatic door sensors can be remotely controlled, which enables convenient remote configuration of the sensors’ settings and parameters. The controls of the doors are in the main security area which is not accessible to all only to the authorised personnel.

  • Saves energy and keeps down electricity costs

Heating and air conditioning systems tend to be the largest consumers of electricity in a building. Manual doors which are sometimes left open accidentally result in the hot or cold air outside disrupting the temperature indoors leading to an increase in the energy consumed by these systems to maintain the required temperature

With automatic door sensors, the doors will automatically shut after a fixed interval of a few seconds. This significantly reduces how long the doors stay open, thereby keeping the temperature indoors a constant and saving electricity.

These sensors are also pretty energy efficient themselves, requiring just a small amount of electricity to operate. Some sensors can also be configured to more energy-efficient and power-saving settings, allowing even more electricity to be saved

  • Convenient for people with disabilities & allows for contactless entry/exit

Automatic doors are especially beneficial for medical facilities like hospitals, clinics and research centres where some patients may be injured or disabled. They would need wheelchairs and crutches to move around, and might also require assistance when passing through doors.

The automatic door sensors would automatically open the doors whenever it detects someone nearby, thus eliminating any difficulty the patients would otherwise face when moving around the premises. It would also help maintain high levels of hygiene and cleanliness in the facility as there would be no need to touch the doors to open them, thereby reducing the spread of germs.

  • Lower cost of maintenance

Since the doors can open and close automatically and do not need to be touched, wear and tear on the doors due to constant use over time is reduced greatly. This allows automatic doors to last much longer than other kinds of doors and saves money on maintenance.


Whether an office, a hospital, a retail store, a hotel, or anywhere else, automatic doors are always a good option to consider as they can be highly convenient, adaptable, and beneficial in any setting.


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