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Using Copper Roofing Here Is How It Helps In Home Improvement

Copper has a unique look and feels that no other metal roof can equal. Its look blends well with any architectural style, from classic to contemporary. Many architects favor this material because of its warmth and charm. Copper is used in conventional ways that have been proved over time. There are several instances of copper roofs that have been in situ for hundreds of years. Concerning that, the copper roofing is one of the most weather-resistant roofing typesavailable in today’s time

Compared to other traditional roofing types, copper roofing is known to be a cost-effective, long-term roofing option. This is mainly because of the inexpensive maintenance, extended lifespan, and a salvage value of copper. Copper, unlike many other metal roofing materials, does not need to be painted or finished. 


The fastening requirements for various roofing systems are varied. They may be classified into two types: those with cleats attached to battens and those with cleats attached directly to the roof deck. Over any style of decking, batten systems can be used. The wood battens can be fixed using thru-bolts, expansion inserts, or other anchoring mechanisms on concrete, gypsum, or steel decks. 

When using cleats that are attached directly to the deck, the deck’s holding force must be sufficient to withstand the design wind conditions. If the cleats are to be secured to a surface other than wood or a nailable deck, nailing strips or inserts must be provided. Because differences in the widths of completed pans make it difficult to ensure accurate seam alignment over parallel nailers for a whole roof, nailers should be put transverse (perpendicular) to the seams rather than parallel to them. 


Cold rolled copper sheets of 16 oz. or 20 oz. are commonly used for copper roofing. Sheets can be prefabricated or shaped into pans on the spot. Short pans are those that are less than 10 feet long. Roofs with pans that are longer than 10 feet in length should be built to allow for greater mobility at the pan’s ends.

The copper pans are supported by rosin-sized smooth building paper weighing at least 4 lb. 

Preparation of Surface

When it comes to copper roofing, suchsystems require comparable surface preparation. However, the decks shouls always remain dry, smooth, and devoid of any protruding screws, nails, or other flaws. 

This is mainly because copper tends to transfer heat, high temperatures in the underlayment can cause the copper to bind to the roof deck. This prevents the copper roof from moving and can lead to early fatigue. To avoid such bonding, the construction paper functions as a slip sheet. 

Overall Cost of Copper Roofing- All You Need to Know

When it comes to talking about the cost factor of a copper roofing system, the exact cost cannot be stated. This is mainly because of the varied labor costs and the frequent fluctuation of the price of copper. From a general perspective, the pricing of roofs is measured per square footHowever, in case if a person wants to aesthetically upgrade the roofing system with copper, it will be a bit more expensive in term of costs. 

Final Words

At the end of the day, copper roofing can be an everlasting option. Based on the maintenance and energy saving factor, a copper roof can undeniably give you better investment returns. If you wish to avoid high installation costs in the near future, it could be an informed decision to choose copper for roofing purpose.


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