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UP’s first cost effective V-shaped column supported flyover

The Lucknow flyover is a new bridge that will be built over a busy road in Lucknow, India. The bridge will help to reduce traffic congestion on the roads in Lucknow, and it will also have four lanes

As the demand for flyover grew with the rise in vehicular traffic on congested lanes of Lucknow city, the civil engineers have come up with a solution to erect concrete way over in the shortest possible time.

Between sector-19 of Indiranagar to Khurramnagar chouraha, the national highway public works department has introduced the state’s first V-shaped support columns to build a flyover in less than 18 months.

The 1.36km-long flyover being built at the cost of Rs 135 crore will have four lanes and is expected to be completed by September 23 this year. With 41 sets of V-shape columns, the flyover will have one arc-shaped steel truss of about 75-metre-long and two steel composite girders of 50 metres each, apart from several 30-35-metre-long reinforced concrete girders on which bitumen layer will be rolled for heavy vehicular traffic.

Ashok Kanojia, the chief engineer of NH (PWD), said, “For the first time, we have introduced V-shaped columns for the flyover in UP and it’s cost-effective and will take less time for construction.”

Precast reinforced concrete girders and superstructure are being fabricated away from flyover construction sites and are transported via trucks to be installed on V-shaped columns with the help of hydra crane.

Speaking with, flyover project manager Ashish Vaish said, “The V-shaped columns not only provide a strong foundation for the flyover which could last more than 100 years, but it also consumes comparatively less material than the conventional columns of flyovers.”

Assistant engineer of NH (PWD), Vikas Srivastav, who is supervising the project, said, “It’s probably one of the fastest developing flyovers due to V-shaped columns. In fact, this approach of flyover development has also helped us to regulate traffic with ease, as the majority of the work of precasting is being done away from the construction site.”

“Once the flyover is constructed, the V-shaped columns will be decorated with greenery and other ways for an aesthetic look,” said the officer.

The flyover is expected to be stretched 900 metres further connecting to Adarsh Nagar till Jagrani Hospital chouraha.


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