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Types of Self-loading concrete mixer models

Self-loading concrete mixers are used to batch, mix and transport the concrete to the designated project site. They consist of a rotating drum mounted on an operator-driven, cab-mounted chassis frame fitted with a loading bucket. The self loading concrete mixers can produce a highly reliable mix with minimum effort once everything is set up correctly. Because of its high performance and other important advantages, the self-loading concrete mixer has become the most preferred choice for contractors. It can be used to mix concrete for foundations, footings, slabs, driveways, and more.

The focus on the up-gradation of existing rural roads through the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) scheme, Smart City Projects, Rural Housing Schemes such as the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) has increased the demand for self-loading concrete mixers. They are being widely used across roads, bridges, railways, airport infrastructure, power transmission projects, renewable energy projects, and urban infrastructure development. Manufacturers are embracing digital transformation and constantly reinventing in evaluating the opportunities and technological modifications. Self loading concrete mixers models are available in a variety of sizes to suit different project requirements. Discussed below are different types of self-loading concrete mixers used across different projects.

Types of Self-loading concrete mixer models

Self-loading concrete mixers for higher concrete output

The latest self-loading concrete mixers cater to the higher output requirements of concrete batching, mixing and placing in the urban development segment. It is incorporated with IoT and telematics, ensuring precision in batch output, and less mixing time improves the overall output. The equipment’s drum design ensures less wear and less maintenance, and the ergonomically designed structure provides safety to both man and machine. It is best suited for infrastructure projects across rough terrain. The optimum design of drum spirals ensures fast dosing and discharge of concrete. These drum spirals also come with standard protection, which greatly reduces wear at the edges of the spiral and reduces shear stress. The loading bucket is designed to not only load the material but also accurately weigh it before dosing, using hydraulic pressure transducers. The ergonomics of the cabin ensure operator safety, comfort, and ease of operation with a tiltable steering column and joystick control. Fitted with the latest CEV Stage 4 engine, it will provide excellent fuel savings while adhering to the latest emission norms.

SCHWING Stetter SLM 4600xxv
SCHWING Stetter SLM 4600xxv
Self-loading concrete mixers with concrete batch controller

The latest self-loading concrete mixers come with a concrete batch controller that accurately measures all the ingredients to produce high-quality concrete. It is also equipped with a swivel feature for unloading operations. The loading arm with a tilting hatch bucket ensures a smooth flow of material into the drum, thus minimizing spillage. The 4 Wheel Steering System enables manoeuvrability in tight spaces and a small turning radius.The drum lift feature of the newer models ensures faster discharge of concrete and reduces the cycle time, thereby increasing productivity & life of the machine. The equipment models are fitted with a Load Cell Weighing System which provides high accuracy while weighing aggregates. These machines find their application in Irrigation, Roads, Bridges, Railways, Airport Infrastructure, Power Transmission projects, Renewables Energy projects etc.

Ajax ARGOs
Ajax ARGO 4800
Self-loading concrete mixers with self-loading arms mechanism

The latest models come with a self-loading arms mechanism designed for better pushing force & ease of operation while loading and come with a single joystick for all main functions. The mixer also features 4×4 wheel drive. The 4-wheel steering includes crab steering for better manoeuvrability in confined places, a tighter turning radius, joystick controls, hydraulic pressure transducers, close loop proportional hydraulics, and sliding gate for loading bucket, etc. A large amount of concrete can be produced in a short time with the newer models. The models also feature a hydraulic loading system that enables producing a homogeneous and compact mix. A large-capacity bucket loads the aggregates in the right quantity into the drum in a single operation and without wasting material.

Self-loading concrete mixers 45FX
Apollo Inffratech 45FX
Self-loading concrete mixers with customized blades

The newer models come with customized blades for better mixing & faster discharge and a powered shovel gate for spillage free charging. It also features four-wheel steering systems, with three different modes, making it ideal for working in confined spaces. The spiral-designed blades with optimal width provide better mixing and faster discharge of concrete. The helix design can quickly discharge even zero-slump concrete with minimal residual matter in the drum. The loading buckets have an in-built gate, which is operated by the joystick in the operator cabin. These self-concrete mixers provide an optimal mix and high quality due to the special drum configuration. It is also equipped with an operating shovel for managing excessive material & accurate loading.

KYB-Conmat CSLM4300


Discussed above are different types of self loading concrete mixers being used on various construction projects. Self loading concrete mixers come in a variety of sizes. The size you need will depend on the scope of your project. Make sure to choose a mixer that’s large enough to handle the amount of concrete you need.

Image Source: Schwing Stetter, Ajax, Apollo Infratech, Kyb-Conmat


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