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Types of Motor grader in India

Motor graders have come a long way since they were invented in the late 19th Century. The earliest graders were drawn by horse or oxen, and consisted of simple steel frames fitted with wheels and a fixed-angle blade. The first documented grader of this type was invented in 1885 by Joseph D. Adams, in Indianapolis. The first self-propelled motor graders took the form of modified tractors. In 1920, the Russell Grader Manufacturing Company began marketing the “Motor Hi-Way Patrol No. 1”, a grader that consisted of a modified Allis-Chalmers tractor. Since then it gone through evolution.

Motor Grader in modern times

Latest motor graders are equipped with a long blade used for creating flat surfaces during the grading process. Usually, motors graders have three axles — the driver’s cab and the engine is located above the rear axles and a third axle is located in the front side of the vehicle. Additionally, the blade which is used for the surface flattening process is located between the front and rear axles. Motor graders are broadly classified into two categories based on the structure and arrangement of the frame i.e., Rigid Frame Motor Grader and Articulated Frame Motor Grader. It can be operated with multiple attachments for various applications in the construction and mining industry apart from being used for separate tasks, such as flattening of surface or underground mining. They are also used to finish or refine the grading process and during the construction of paved roads, motor graders are used for the creation of wide flat surfaces on which asphalt can be placed.

Discussed below are different types of motor grader being used across projects in India.

Types of Motor grader in India

Motor graders with torque converter and lock-up system

Motor graders now provide robustness for Indian working conditions and are equipped with power shift ZF Transmission with torque converter and lock-up system. This delivers better fuel efficiency and appropriate quality of work. The machine has a multi curvature mould board which reduces the resistance coming on the engine and hence reduces fuel consumption and increases productivity. It also features multi disc oil-bathed service brakes with nitrogen accumulator safety system and disk parking brake integrated into the transmission with warning light. With a stronger throttle response at every rpm and improved cold-start capability, the new generation motor grader will make you more productive on the toughest jobs and longest days. The new series motor graders provide excellent visibility to the rear and also have a front articulation joint which gives the operator a clear view to the circle, moldboard and tires.The added features are structural stability and ease of maintenance featuring ease of engine compartment access along with daily service checkpoints for quick and efficient maintenance of equipment.

Case 845b

Motor graders with scissors for grading optimization

The latest models of motor graders come with a sensor that can automatically adjust itself on the gradients to be graded. The automated technology solution optimises the operator’s job, which is critical as most road projects have very constrained schedules. It also curtails deployment of extra people to measure the gauges, contributes towards fuel savings as the job can be completed in shorter passes. Stable Blade option senses blade bounce before you to reduce manual throttle use and site rework. When machine bounce is detected, the system automatically reduces ground speed eliminating bouncing to ensure a better grade finish. This enables the operator to prepare the grader for the next level of compaction followed by grading of the sub base.

Cat 120

Motor graders for grading and levelling of soil layers and loose aggregate in road

Motor Graders are now coupled with high engine horsepower and operating weight to provide highest productivity with minimal maintenance ensuring highest reliability under toughest site conditions. They are best suited for heavy duty road construction, mining & various maintenance jobs. It is powered with an engine generating 173 HP with a total operating weight of 15 Tons coupled with a high performance blade ensuring maximum performance. The Centralised Greasing System is first of its kind to be used in the Graders in India, ensuring faster maintenance which helps in maintaining an enduring and breakdown free machine. The latest motor graders deliver a high drawbar pull of 9540kgs and blade downforce of 7140kgs. The grader comes equipped with an air-conditioned cabin as standard fitment and dozer blade and ripper are available optionally.

ACE AG 176

Motor graders for light-duty works

The latest motor graders are designed for light-duty work, with a basic operating weight of 12 100 kg. It features a blade width of 12 feet. The graders are all based on proven and reliable technologies, making for well-balanced machines with excellent blade pull and blade downforce. The model features a blade width of 12 feet with a blade pull of 7695kg, while the G9190 has a blade width of 13 feet, with a blade pull of 9 990 kg. The G9220 has a blade width of 14 feet with a blade pull of 10 530 kg. The models are available in a VHP version. VHP machines offer the operator greater control over the grading process, with the freedom to shift easily from manual to automatic transmission and a piston pump hydraulic system that always delivers the optimum oil flow to the hydraulic functions, regardless of engine speed. In this way, VHP allows the operator to focus on grading with greater precision for superior results.



Discussed above are different types of motor graders used in India. With the increase in construction and mining activities in several parts of the country and with the increased spending of governments to enhance these construction sectors in the country. The demand for motor graders is expected to rise to create a flat surface during either the start or while finishing the road or the site. Availability of attachments for various applications in the mining and construction industry apart from being used for specified tasks of flattening the surface or underground mining is driving demand for the market. The compact design of the grader is highly suitable for small to medium road projects in villages and cities and also makes them the most preferred choice of contractors for road projects.

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