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Types of mobile crane models

Different types of mobile crane models are being used for lifting and shifting heavy materials horizontally at project sites. Mobile crane manufacturers are coming up with models that can address the execution complexities at urban development sites that have restricted space and a high population density. From loading capacity to multi-activity, features are being modified to meet the need for the complexity of project sites. The new models of mobile cranes feature drive and control systems with a variety of optional features that assist in minimizing fuel consumption. With the growing complexity of project needs, there is a need for technological modifications for better operational efficiency As the nation is ushering into the new emission norm standards, mobile cranes are adhering to the new CEV Stage IV norms. There is an increasing requirement for a broader range of higher lifting capacity, safety, durability and comprehensive after-sales service. Discussed below are different types of mobile crane models.

Different types of mobile crane models

All-terrain mobile cranes

All-terrain mobile cranes are ideal for public roads due to their all-terrain chassis. The powerful, long telescopic booms can reach great working heights quickly and easily. The mobile crane can be configured with functional lattice extensions, folding jibs, fixed and luffing lattice jobs. The anti-blocking system prevents the wheels from locking during an emergency braking maneuver, therefore enhancing driving safety. The control system is attached with the latest telematics and fleet control management software. The latest crane control system enables the crane to be used safely and flexibly in these difficult conditions. The maximum lifting capacities are calculated individually and precisely for every situation. This ensures safe working practices with any chosen support base. The latest version of its six-axle all-terrain crane is in demand.

Liebherr LTM 1060

Pick and Carry Hybrid Cranes

The latest models of High-End Pick & Carry Crane are equipped with anti-toppling features that provide enhanced safety on-site and innovative technology. Different sensors in the crane ensure the equipment is immobilized when entering an unsafe zone along with audio-visual warnings. The boom and chassis of this crane are made from high-strength structural material for better endurance. Powered with Hybrid Engine, the crane offers a low operating cost and rear deck utility for the movement of material and manpower from one site to another. It has a fully powered boom with a maximum height of 13m and 14×24 heavy-duty rear tyres that ensure the machine’s long life. The crane is equipped with front outriggers for stability and safety during erection or high-height work. The crane is used for infrastructure projects that require a high level of safety not only for the operator but also for people around it, such as bridges, metros, expansion of plants etc.

Escorts HYDRA 14

Truck mounted cranes

Truck Mounted Crane is especially being used in construction & mining industries for safely loading & unloading heavy materials. The latest models consist of a strong hydraulically operated boom having a robust hook at the front side for clamping goods. The latest models have a maximum lifting capacity of up to 25 tons and a boom length of 12.2 meters. Hoist is provided with a piston-type hydraulic motor driving grooved hoist barrel via a reduction gear unit. The system is fitted with a counterbalance valve to control the speed of lowering and to hold the lifted load. Safe load indicator provides radius and hook load indication with a visual indication of approach to overload and audible indication of an overload condition.


Crawler cranes

Crawler cranes come with boom hoists equipped with double-acting single-piston rod hydraulic cylinders, fitted with safety balance valves. The crawlers can work in fully extended and fully retracted conditions. It also features a deadweight luffing system that improves the steadiness of luffing operation. With an integrated cushion valve, the swing system has a free slip function for steady swing start and control. The latest models also come with an adjustable hydraulic system, intelligent electric controls, and are fuel efficient. The intelligent electrical control system also ensures a simple harness and steady signal transmission for real-time auto-monitoring of operation conditions.

Sany SCC800HD

Rough Terrain Cranes

The rough terrain cranes come with a Load sensing hydraulic system that provides adequate pressure and flow of hydraulic oil for independent crane operation. This type of mobile crane is fitted with a combined cartridge-type externally mounted hydraulic lock and counterbalance valve to prevent ram collapse in the event of hydraulic failure. The overload indicator in the models provides radius and hook load indication, visual indication of approach to overload, visual and audible indication of the overload condition. Crane controls in the models enable slew, telescoping, hoisting and derricks with independent or simultaneous operation of crane motions. The crane model also features electric rocker switches for the control of hydraulic outriggers. The operator’s cab comes with ergonomically positioned joystick levers on both sides of the seat to control all crane motions. Seats are adjustable on slides & an automotive type steering wheel is provided. All windows are fitted with toughened safety glass and lockable sliding doors.



The mobile cranes are crucial for construction projects as they help in moving components and material within the construction site as well as between offsite facilities and the construction site. The continued urbanization and the subsequent initiatives being pursued toward developing new infrastructure and upgrading the existing infrastructure are expected to drive the demand for mobile cranes.

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