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Turn-Key Industrial Flooring Contractor based in Delhi

Experiva Engineering India is a specialized turnkey Industrial Flooring contractor providing Repair of old floors and laying new concrete industrial floors and Rehabilitation and Restoration of structures. There is the availability of deft professionals in the company’s team who ensure effective planning and successful execution of the projects. For all types of flooring, the company provides best in class design engineering systems along with maintenance services guidelines. Their work stands apart with quality at a reasonable cost, with the assistance of the most recent framework and advanced technology. Effective management and planning are done to manage the entire repairing and industrial flooring works related to the construction in a streamlined manner. The company’s project management includes project scheduling, controlling, design, specification, selection of material, drawing, approval and many more

Experiva Engineering- Floor Repair Services

Experiva’s industrial flooring services application for a wide range of resinous flooring and epoxy coated wall systems, suitable for industrial and commercial project needs. They offer a wide range of industrial flooring systems that are resilient offered by the dedicated team of professionals and well suited for multiple challenging conditions of the different industrial sectors.

  • Laser Screeding FM2 / FM3
  • VDF Truss Screeding FM2 / FM3
  • High Strength Structural Grade Mortar
  • Accelerated Cured High Tensile Flooring
  • Densification and Dustproofing
  • Self-Leveling Concrete Overlay
  • Terrazzo Flooring
  • Microtopping Overlays
  • Polyurethane / Epoxy Flooring
  • Deck Coating (Car Parking Area)
Industrial Flooring Contractor

Experiva Engineering –Rehabilitation and Restoration of structures services

Experiva’s experience and expertise combine to provide the most practical solution for all concrete repair and rehabilitation projects. The company ranks among India’s leading service providers of repair/rehabilitation services. For concrete floor repairing and all other types of structure components, we provide our best in class design engineering systems along with maintenance services. The company delivers engineering solutions with a focus on technical quality and efficiency while ensuring on-time completion of projects.

The company provides;

  • Injection Grouting (EPOXY & PU)
  • Concrete Jacketing
  • Glass and Carbon Wrapping System

Before executing the floor project, Experiva decides internally with the  in-house experienced engineering team and follows a detailed methodology and AutoCAD drawing for getting approval from the clients.

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