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Truck-mounted Pothole Patching machine from Durapatcher

There is a necessity for high-performance pothole machines with technologies that apply to flexible pavements and can provide sustainable solutions. Each type of Pothole Patching machine has its advantages and the range of applications varies from quantity per day to availability of raw materials as per machine technology. P3 Truck-Mounted Durapatcher machine is one such pothole machine. The machine comes with Durapatcher spray injection process technology. It can be used to repair roads, highways, bridges, or parking areas. With as little as a crew of 2 operators, permanent patches can be delivered by a single machine that preps and installs a patch in minutes without the need for compaction. With virtually no moving parts the P3 Truck-Mounted Durapatcher machine uses an air-driven system to deliver emulsion and aggregate to the road. The Vent-Flo™ nozzle provides emulsion-coated aggregate with the right amount of emulsion regardless of aggregate size.

Benefits of  P3 Truck-Mounted Durapatcher machine

  • Simplify patching operation – Just add rock and emulsion with this self-contained patcher
  • Maximizes your budget by never having to patch the same pothole twice
  • Faster and simpler patching process that limits public disruption

Features  of P3 Truck-Mounted Durapatcher machine

  • 5 Hopper and 960 Ltr Emulsion Tank using CRS -2 cold Rapid Setting Emulsion Type-2.
  • Heated emulsion tank provides enough product to apply over 10 tons of patch material
  • Universal design mounts to most truck chassis and is ideal for tight-turn radii
  • Onboard heat allows you to create a permanent patch in almost any weather
  • Ergonomic, no-stress boom easily covers an 18-foot working radius
  • Specially designed Vent-Flo™ nozzle that thoroughly coats the aggregate with emulsion, ensuring a permanent patch
  • Powerful blower and DuraPatcher venturi system can reliably deliver aggregate up to 2.5” in diameter
  • Option for mounting accessories like Asphalt Saw, Chipping Chisel, Halogen lights, Safety Cone, Plate Compactor etc.
  • Average Daily output – 100 to 200 Sq.Mtr at 50 mm depth.
  • GPS enabled Camera and Tracking system
  • Virtually no moving parts in the delivery system which lowers maintenance costs
Neha Infra Services is the supplier of Durapatcher machines which are widely used by PWD and NHAI in India.

Contact – 09619075522


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