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The Internet: For Beginners

It may well be the case that you have deliberately avoided joining the online world and, indeed, any kind of online community for one of a whole host of reasons, then you may well be pleased to hear that there are now protective measures in place to keep you safe. The internet is, indeed, an amazing place, should you protect yourself and your personal information and, additionally, connect and reconnect with loved ones.

So, if you have changed your mind or are simply just interested in how the internet can benefit you, then you have definitely clicked on the right article.

Basic Internet Terms & Phrases  

First and foremost, it would make sense to familiarize yourself with the basic terms used to refer to different sections or elements of the internet and such terms are as follows:

·        URL: The address of a specific website

·        IP Address: The computer equivalent of DNA (individual to each machine)

·        Email: Electronic mail, which is both free and instant

·        Data Storage: A cloud storage system which enables you to save more data

·        Social Media: Interaction applications such as Facebook

·        Downloading: Transferring something from the internet to your own device

·        Firewall: A barrier between your personal information and potential hackers  

Audio & Video Services

 One of the most popular uses of the internet is to access music, movies and home videos posted by anyone, from your next-door neighbor to someone on the opposite side of the world.

Online audio streaming services, such as Amazon Music and Spotify, basically contain every song you could possibly think of and allow you to download them to your device and video streaming services, such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, do the same but for documentaries, music videos and movies.

 Upgrade to Fiber Broadband

  If your current property is already set up with cable internet in mind, then this is perfectly acceptable for a home network and moreover, as a newcomer to the internet, a cable connection will be fine for what you need, at least for the first few months.

However, it would be worth noting that once you become au fait with all the internet has to offer and enjoy connecting safely with the online world, then you may well want to consider upgrading to fiber or fiber internet for businesses.

Buying and Selling

 The other major function of the internet and one which everyone, regardless of lifestyle, age, gender or location, loves to enjoy is that of the online buying and selling experience.

Although it is important to keep malls and high street stores alive and thriving, online shopping takes all movement and effort out of spending your money, with most leading and recognized brands having an online store.

If you are saving for a special vacation, or else simply for a rainy day, you could instead choose to download auction and private seller websites, such as eBay, for example, and spend time taking photographs and uploading your old and unwanted belongings for others to buy.


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