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Suspended rope platform for vertical applications

Construction equipment for vertical transportation of men and material has evolved with time. One such equipment is a suspended rope platform. These platforms come with higher safety features. It is designed to suspend along the vertical surface of the building by steel wire ropes through the suspension mechanism placed at the top of the building. It is a kind of non-regular suspended access equipment. Depending upon the height of the building, this platform can be adjusted easily. It is made of high-grade steel which gives a very strong supporting platform at the top of the working profile. It is used for working at heights for installation of billboards, windows, window cleaning, external renovation, plastering, painting, decoration of bridges, buildings, chimneys, silos and other structures.

Safety of suspended rope platform

A suspended rope platform provides a stable work surface for vertical applications. The platform is raised and lowered by climbing steel cables that are secured to davit arms on the roof. The arms and their mounting points must be professionally designed and installed. Electric motors at each end of the platform are controlled by the operators and are what raise and lower the platform by actually climbing and descending the steel cables. Modern suspended rope platforms come with an anti-swing device to avoid swaying the platform in windy conditions. It is also provided with the electromagnetic brake as a primary holding device. A manual release mechanism in these platforms helps the cradle to be lowered to the ground level in case of power failure. It offers several benefits over traditional systems, starting with effectively eliminating the protracted setup times.

Manufacturer of suspended rope platform

Suspended rope platforms implement a modular design and pin-together construction. This greatly reduces the number of components and tools required for erection and allows crews to complete setup in as little as two hours. One such manufacturer providing quality suspended rope platform is CMAC, whose aim is mechanization in the execution of projects with continual up-gradation of technology. They help the client achieve their project targets safely and cost-effectively. They also provide customization in suspended platforms as customers demand suspended platforms available in different shapes. The temporarily installed suspended access equipment is multi-purpose and efficient construction machinery applicable to work at heights up to 200+mtrs.

The present scenario of the construction industry is full of challenges due to all are fast-track projects and time is a chief priority. Suspended rope platforms aid contractors by providing a safer platform for vertical application work resulting in a reduction in time. To know more about CMAC suspended rope platform, visit-

About CMAC

Established by qualified and experienced professionals from the infrastructure industry, they are providing a wide range of men and material handling equipment with quality engineering for the infrastructure fraternity. The company has the strength of understanding customer needs depending on their projects, through consultancy, engineering studies and services with 15 plus years of manufacturing experience. CMAC offers the total solution for material handling as per the project

requirements. They also provide manufacturing services for industrial steel structures. To ensure quality products, the company is involved right from the design, and manufacturing process, and conducts PDI and third-party audits for all the products delivered from their manufacturing facilities. They have a training division, which takes care of training the technicians and the equipment operators. This ensures optimum productivity for customer projects progress.

To explore the company’s other construction equipment range, visit-


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