Surat Municipal Corporation marks over 230 risky buildings

Surat Municipal Corporation

The Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) has categorized 239 properties, both private and public, as risky, looking at their dilapidated condition which threaten to collapse at any time.

While it has also chalked out fresh blueprint to deal with such properties to minimize loss of life, there are several cases where convincing occupants to vacate these premises is the most challenging task.

Harassed by these obstructing factors, SMC has of late begun disconnecting water and sewerage connections in some cases. Majority of these dilapidated buildings are located in the central zone.

Municipal commissioner Banchhanidhi Pani said, “In a few of these properties, we have initiated vacating the premises with the local police.

In some others, we have issued stern notices asking the residents to begin repair work within a stipulated period of one month and produce structural stability certificates too.”

He further said that the civic body does this in good faith to minimize risk of loss of human life and also avoid legal fracas. In the case of a few properties, local political and other types of pressure had prevented lower-rung officials from performing their duties.

Ketan Patel, deputy commissioner, SMC said, “In majority of these dilapidated building cases, it is always for the residents’ good that structure is renovated or made again.

The life of the structure increases and human safety principal is also paramount.”

Source- et realty