Fibre Reinforced Flexible Waterproof roof coating


Waterproofing is an essential step in your construction process as it ensures the longevity of your home by reducing the possibility of structural damage. Waterproofing remains one of the pivotal systems that often gets ignored which incurs a huge cost.

When there is a water ingress through the concrete, it becomes a critical factor in the overall longevity of the project. Water acts as a medium for oxides that corrode steel reinforcement, leading to internal stress and cracking. By the time the effects are seen on the surface, great damage has been done to the inner structure. Soon corrosion can spread quickly and undetected throughout the core of the structure. Therefore a selection of correct waterproofing technique is pivotal. In construction, a building or structure is waterproofed with the use of membranes and coatings to protect contents and structural integrity.

In the earlier article, we have discussed one such coating, namely Perma Eazee Waterproof. We have discussed its advantages and a pictorial is given above of it.

In this article, we will discuss its various directions of use for multiple applications.

Roof Coating

Directions of use of Perma  Eazee Waterproof

Waterproofing for normal concrete:

Clean the surface to remove all loose particles and any deleterious matter. Repair all cracks, honeycombs and blemishes from the concrete surface. Brush-apply Eazee Coat primer on the entire surface liberally. Primer is prepared by diluting one part by volume of Eazee Coat with one volume of water. When the primer coat is just dry apply the second coat running the brush perpendicular to the first coat.

On sheet roofing:

Provide scrim or fiber-glass fabric at J bolts and the junction of sheets over one coat of bitu Coat and then brush apply Eazee Coat on the entire surface in two coats.

For Damp proof course:

On the cleaned plinth apply two coats of Eazee Coat. The second coat is applied after about four hours of the first coat. When the second coat is still wet blind it with clean sharp sand to provide a mechanical key.


  • Dilute Perma Eazee waterproof with water at 20 percent dilution. This gives a coverage area of 30- 35sq.ft per litre
  •  Perma Eazee waterproof  covers 20- 25 sq.ft per litre when applied neat and 13- 15 sq.ft per litre when applied with a reinforcement