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Supreme Court Directs Bihar Government to Halt Construction Near Ganga River

The Supreme Court has instructed the Bihar government to prevent any further construction along the Ganga River, especially in and around Patna. Justices Aniruddha Bose and Augustine George Masih directed the state to submit an affidavit detailing the removal of identified illegal structures on the Ganga floodplains in Patna.

The court responded to the state’s claim of identifying 213 unauthorized constructions, emphasizing that steps must be taken to remove these encroachments. The chief secretary of Bihar is required to file an affidavit updating the court on the progress.

The directive stems from a plea filed by Patna resident Ashok Kumar Sinha, challenging the National Green Tribunal’s dismissal of his plea against illegal constructions on the eco-fragile floodplains. The plea argues that these constructions pose environmental risks, generate sewage, and obstruct the natural course of the river.

The court noted the failure of the tribunal to examine detailed particulars of violators encroaching upon the Ganga floodplains in Patna. The plea emphasizes the detrimental impact on biodiversity, including the survival of Dolphins, a Schedule I species.

It further highlights the importance of a clean Ganga for drinking and domestic water needs, as the groundwater in the district is contaminated with Arsenic. The plea asserts that 520 acres of ecologically sensitive Ganga floodplain in Patna have been usurped, exacerbating the risk of recurrent floods.

The court’s directive underscores the need to address environmental concerns and illegal encroachments along the Ganga River, emphasizing the significance of preserving this vital natural resource.


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