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Structural Repair and Rehabilitation Services in India

Deterioration of Reinforced Concrete overtime degrades and distress occurs in the form of cracking, splitting, delaminating, corrosion, etc. Consequently, the need for repair and rehabilitation has grown considerably in recent years.  Repair and Rehabilitation methods need to be designed with consideration for the anticipated or desired remaining service life of the structure. A distinction must be made between repairs and rehabilitation intended to stop deterioration fully and those merely aimed at slowing down deterioration processes for a limited period. Specialization and a deep understanding are needed in Repair and Rehabilitation works. One such group undertaking these solutions in SANRACHANA India.

SANRACHANA is taking forward the philosophy of reliability and value for money for the services offered. The team is committed to taking responsibility for the projects right from planning and design to execution giving due consideration to budgets, schedules, service life or any other unique structural requirement and completing the projects in a safe, planned and professional manner. They are a leading service provider in the field Structural Repairs, Rehabilitation, Structural Strengthening & Retrofitting.

Founded in 2003, by Dr. Mangesh Joshi, ME (Structures) Ph.D. in structural engineering from IIT Bombay; Sanrachana is one of the pioneers in the area of structural retrofitting & protection in India with modern materials and techniques. It has served clients on over 1500 projects involving commercial properties, industrial facilities, energy plants and public infrastructure of varying scales in the past 17 years.

Headquartered in Thane and having branch offices in Kolkata, Delhi along with a network of representatives in 20 metro cities supported by a strong workforce of over 300 persons; SANRACHANA is one of the few organizations poised to provide a wide spectrum of service offerings to the clients. Supported by state of the art technological and infrastructure backbone, sanrachana is serving its clients with Safety, Quality, commitment and professionalism at the core of their values.

SANRACHANA Structural Repair and Rehabilitation Services

Application areas of SANRACHANA Structural Repair and Rehabilitation Services

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