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Structural audit Gurugram: 15 societies recommended secondary tests

After receiving the structural audit reports of 15 residential societies in Gurugram, the district administration will conduct secondary tests of these societies.

Deputy Commissioner Nishant Kumar Yadav convened a joint meeting of the RWAs concerned, representatives of the auditing firm, and builders in which the audit reports were shared with everyone concerned.

The structural audit study in these 15 societies was carried out by 4 listed firms.

The firms that conducted the rapid visual inspection study said that in most societies, some deficiencies have been observed in the basements and there have been complaints of falling plaster or water leakage.

Yadav said that though no serious structural issues have been found where the building is a hazard or unsafe for the residents, most of the societies have found deficiencies in which either plaster is falling or there are gaps in the balcony or basement and water is filling up.

“For this, a recommendation has come to get a second test done, which we will start in a few days. Based on that, recommendations will come from those firms as to what further action has to be taken and what kind of repair and maintenance work has to be done. The administration will try to complete the audit survey in these societies by getting all these works done in the coming 2 to 3 months,” he said.

The Deputy Commissioner said that a structural audit of 15 residential societies of Gurugram has been conducted in the first phase and there are about 50 other societies whose complaints have been received, their audit will be conducted in the second phase.

He said that in the report received from the audit firms so far, no such deficiency has been found which cannot be repaired.

“The problems or shortcomings found in all societies can be cured by repairs. Now, how it is to be repaired, what will be the mechanism of repair, will be told by the audit firms after a non-destructive test i.e. secondary test. After that these societies will be repaired and maintained,” he said.

Yadav said that after the accident in Chintal Paradiso Society earlier in February, the administration is trying to identify the unsafe buildings for the people and repair them if needed and get them vacated, if they are not repairable. This is also the purpose of this structural audit.

he said that the structural audit report would be shared with the RWAs of all the 15 societies through District and Town Planner (DTP). After looking into the same any aspect or point is left untouched, then the RWA can raise that point on which the concerned firm will respond and if required, that firm will again go to the society to study that aspect.


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