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Stratus Steel: The largest and most equipped LGSF manufacturer in India

The story behind Stratus Steel:

The parent group, MGI India since 2000 has successfully endeavored into bringing operating room technology into India and offering its services to the medical industry. As a forward integration to this brand, we branched out into integrating LGSF for the purpose of building FastTrack hospitals.

By the year 2008, we were one of the only 3 players who invested in this technology and the supporting machinery. Up until now, Mgi India has designed and executed close to 500 buildings and a majority of them were taken as turn-key projects by the government.

However, our founder, Vidur Chandra with the belief that LGSF has far better scope in the contemporary world, started Stratus Steel.

Stratus Steel majorly stands to offer design and manufacturing expertise for the LGSF industry while also providing a comprehensive range of related services for your brand.

About Stratus Steel:

Stratus Steel is the LGSF division of MGI India Pvt Ltd founded with the purpose of providing well-engineered superior steel frames. Stratus Steel also provides design and comprehensive back-end support for all LGSF projects.

We, at Stratus Steel, have served the LGSF market for over 14 years and have successfully completed close to 500 projects to date.

By Partnering with Stratus you get the following advantages:

  • Largest installed capacity in India having 3 framecad machines capable of producing both 89 & 150mm sections.
  • An All-India presence by having two dedicated manufacturing facilities in Pune, Maharashtra & Nalagargh, Himachal Pradesh.
  • Ten-year design & LGSF manufacturing expertise along with networking opportunities with our various partners in the LGSF industry.

Our Facilities and Equipment:

Stratus Steel believes in promoting LGSF as a construction technology that is advanced and much more efficient as opposed to other construction technologies available in the market.

We feel one of the ways of serving the LGSF market better and providing better service to our clientele is to have state-of-the-art facilities with the best machinery, trained professionals and accessible locations.

To achieve this, Stratus Steel has developed 2 manufacturing units dedicated solely to manufacturing LGSF. One of these units is in Chandigarh and the other is located in Pune.

This helps us cater to both, the South and North of the country thereby providing ease of accessibility to our clients all over India.

What does Stratus Steel offer?

 LGSF Manufacturing        LGSF Design        Turnkey Solutions       LGSF Accessories

LGSF Manufacturing –

Stratus Steel is one of the pioneers in the field of manufacturing LGSF sections in India. We have the capabilities of roll forming both 89mm and 150mm sections using both Galvanized and Galvalume steel coils.

The specifications that we use for our steel are 550 MPA with a coating of AZ150 for galvalume or 275 GSM for galvanized. We have strong tie-ups with JSW/ TATA BlueScope which help us in giving you the best quality and the fastest turnaround when it comes to supplying the LGSF sections.

LGSF Design –

LGSF Construction Is A Design-Led Process, Meaning That The Need For Skill To Construct The Building Is More In The Design Stage Rather Than On-Site.

Stratus Steel System Uses The FRAMECAD Software Suite Which Integrates Design, Engineering Calculations, Structural Analysis, Detailing and Roll Forming Machine Control. Providing Extreme Accuracy And Efficiencies In The Construction Process, Reducing Costs Of Engineering, Design, Waste and Labour.

Stratus Steel is committed to meeting our clients’ needs

  • Design and Analysis of Building Structures.
  • Building component design/analysis
  • Foundation Design.
  • Drafting and Detailing Services
  • Construction support services
  • Construction Documentation and Reporting.

LGSF Accessories –

In addition to designing and supplying LGS Frames, Stratus Steel also supplies building products needed to construct your project. The essential range of Stratus Steel building products includes screws, fasters, steel connectors, insulations, wraps and claddings and linings.

Connectors & Fasteners –

Stratus Connectors have been specially developed and tested to deliver the most advanced end-to-end steel building solution.

Screws –

We have specially developed and tested a range of Screws and fasters to work with the Stratus Steel LGSF system.

Our Key USPs –

Ready Steel Stock

Stratus Steel has a ready stock of mother coils of LGSF in thicknesses ranging from 0.75 to 1.2mm. Based on the requirements, we have the slitting capabilities to slit these coils for our 89 and 150mm sections as per the design. Hence, providing better reliability and faster deliveries.

High-Speed Machines

Stratus Steel strongly believes in quality and hence we have invested in the best of machinery i.e FrameCAD. We have three high speed latest FrameCAD machines (89 and 150 mm)

Structural Design Team

Good Structural design is the backbone of any successful project. Having been in this business for over 15 years, we not only have developed a good in-house team of skilled professionals but also have partnered with various stand-alone LGSF design houses hence being able to cater to various complexities of design while working on multiple projects at the same time. Our in-house LGSF Structural design team is well-skilled and equipped to help you through your entire build process.

Marketing Support

Stratus Steel has been a pioneer in this field for the last 10 years and has one of the largest databases of presentations and marketing materials that have been compiled over the years based on extensive market feedback and research. Our team will help you formulate your own company-centric marketing strategies and will assist in providing help with designing your brochures, website and company presentations.

Tendering Support

Stratus Steel has vast experience in formulating specifications and setting tender parameters both for the public and private sectors. Stratus Steel provides both Pre- tender feasibility and final BOQs for a project.

We will ensure that you get quick and accurate cost estimations to support your marketing efforts.

Design Support

Stratus Steel has invested considerable time and resources in establishing a strong and reliable design team. Our design team has extensive experience, from doing simple single-story LGSF buildings to multi-level residential and commercial designs over the years.

Leave it to Stratus Steel to give you accurate steel take-offs for a project that you are quoting for, or have us, a value engineer, and design may have, give you those extra margins for a confirmed project.

Manufacturing Support 

Stratus Steel boasts of having the best roll forming machines by “Framecad”. In addition, MGI also has one of the largest manufacturing capacities in the country with our current facility being located near Chandigarh and two more coming up in Pune and Bangalore. Stratus Steel has 3 machines that can achieve around 5000 to 8000 sq ft of production on a daily basis. MGI has both an 89mm section and 150mm section machine and we have recently converted one of our machines to a containerized form. Our production facility has supplied steel sections to over 50% of the LGSF buildings built in India over the last 10 years. Our logistics team has perfected the method of stacking material to ensure that you get the maximum material capacity in any given truck.

Advisory for Onsite Supervision and Installation

Stratus Steel has, over the years, formed and trained several erection teams. These teams understand the best methods and processes for efficient and safe LGSF installation. We can also have our own supervisor provide assistance for your builds.

Sourcing And Procurement support

Stratus Steel has forged strong collaborative relationships with numerous suppliers of various LGSF items. Examples, fiber- cement boards, gypsum, insulation, decking systems, etc.

can be provided at prices that are unmatched in the market. At Stratus Steel we are continuously experimenting and rigorously testing innovative materials and cutting edge technologies that will be provided to all of our associates.

How can you collaborate with us?

At Stratus Steel, we value associations and try our best to offer the utmost value to those who collaborate with us. We have close to 20 tie-ups with major firms across the globe where our associates benefit in all facets of their business by collaborating with us.

We go beyond manufacturing and design support and offer additive support for our associates to grow with us!

Case to Case Basis –

We, at Stratus Steel, believe that no project is too small. We maintain a generous stock of both 89 and 150mm section coils at all times. This way, even if an associate is looking at a small quantity (100kgs or so) of steel, we have it ready in time for it to reach your site.

Furthermore, we also help get the quantities shipped to our associates in part loads through our numerous logistic partners.

We believe in leveraging our networks to help provide the best service to our associates.

Technical Partnership –

Stratus Steel has over 20 technical tie-ups with major firms and continues to build such partnerships across the globe.

When you partner with us, we, against a small advance, stock steel for you for as many months as you need us to. This way, you are safe when it comes to the ever-escalating steel prices and don’t have to worry about timely deliveries either.

If one were to become our technical partner, the firm benefits in numerous ways:

  • Ready Steel Stock
  • High-Speed Machines
  • Structural Design Team
  • Marketing Support
  • Tendering Support
  • Design Support
  • Manufacturing Support 
  • Advisory for Onsite Supervision and Installation
  • Sourcing And Procurement support

Apart from these benefits, we have over 500 sites across India (finished and under construction) and use these to organize site visits for our partners to grow in their business too.

Conclusion – 

Stratus Steel has been a pioneer in this industry for over 14 years and we continue to grow with the aim of revolutionizing the construction industry with the LGSF technology.

For more, visit our website

You can write to us at or call 9156551671.


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