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Somero Ride-On Laser Screed ® for road construction

Somero technology was developed based on a deep understanding of the industry and direct customer engagement that to this day drives them to develop innovative products and services that enable our customers to produce higher quality floors and increase their productivity and ultimately their bottom line. They have now forayed into the road construction section with their Ride-On Screed ® model- S-158C LASER SCREED®.

The machine can be used for white-topping roads, factory roads, pedestrian walkways and many other applications.

The machine’s automatic laser control system ensures an accurate level finish through the use of electro-hydraulic controls. Laser receivers mounted at each end of the screed head receive a signal from a transmitter multiple times per second providing automatic control to the finished floor level. Equipped with a powerful engine and four-wheel-drive system, this powerhouse delivers superior performance while maintaining the excellent handling and high-quality leveling performance. Featuring a quick setup, the cost-effective S-158C is easy to operate and convenient to transport. With this machine, you can increase your project load and add business expansion capabilities while still delivering professionally produced floors at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods.

Features and Benefits of Ride-On Screed ® – S-158C LASER SCREED®

  • 1-man screed crew
  • Screed in any direction
  • 4-function operation
  • Automatic soft landing
  • Soft start vibrator
  • Quick pass
  • Suitable for various applications including chaired rebar, chaired mesh, heat tubes, and ice rinks, etc.
  • Better crack control
  • Uniform stretch
  • Improved safety
  • Less manual effort
  • Greater accuracy
  • Faster placement

The Somero S-158C is tailored for the emerging concrete construction industry. It is equipped with a powerful engine that ensures its outstanding performance in concrete leveling. The machine offers an efficient and practical solution to suit your need for road construction. All of these benefits allow you to increase productivity, efficiency, and quality of every job. Using this equipment can also lead to a reduction in labor costs since the technology allows for faster placement and reduced manual labor. Ultimately, laser screeds can help concrete contractors increase their profits as they can produce better quality work in less time.


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