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Sky Mountain – a pavilion that gently curls at Hainan province

In architecture, a good building is one that manages to perfectly integrate into the surrounding space. This approach aims to create harmonious and sustainable spaces that enhance the well-being of occupants and promote a deeper connection with the natural world. The combination of nature with architecture offers numerous benefits, including improved well-being, environmental sustainability, and a deeper sense of connection to the natural world. By integrating natural elements, materials, and principles into architectural designs, architects across the world are creating innovative eye-catching designs. In this regard, renowned Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto has completed ‘Sky Mountain’, a circular pavilion nestled amidst Hainan province‘s coastal landscape. Its undulating form showcases a white roof that gently curls up the beach, evoking the silhouette of rolling mountains.

Sky Mountain looks like a white ring, not only integrating the city and the seaside but also connecting humans and nature. The undulating circular roof seems like a white wave curling up on the beach, or like rolling mountains. The hyperbolic paraboloid thin-shell concrete structure is concealed within the dynamic architectural curves, making it lightweight.

Sou Fujimoto intentionally directed the highest point of the building towards the western sea of Haikou Bay, making it an excellent spot for watching the sunset over the sea. As visitors traverse the undulating path created by the roof, they can enjoy breathtaking views of the sunset over the sea. The grass field surrounded by the circular building of Sky Mountain is shaped like an eye looking at the sky, leading people’s sight to the sky and unfolding endless imagination.

Aerial view of “Sky Mountain” at sunset.

Situated on the northwest coast of the Melissa Complex on Haikou’s Haidian Island, “Sky Mountain” is the second coastal pavilion completed in the Haikou Bay area. With a total construction area of over 2,000 square meters, the pavilion consists of mountain-shaped round winding rooftops, creating a “mountain in the sky” in the coastal urban area. In addition to the sightseeing paths on the rooftops offering a mesmerizing sea view of Haikou Bay, the pavilion will also provide spaces for art bookstores, cafes, exhibitions, and other exciting activities.

The rooftops of “Sky Mountain” feature special sightseeing paths.
The waves of the slanting roofs of “Sky Mountain” form a splendid contrast to the Haikou Bay nightscape.

Sky Mountain pavilion represents seamless integration of design and nature

With its rolling rooftop, the building forms a ‘mountain in the sky’ that seamlessly connects the city and the sea. Concealed within its flexible architectural curves, the structure exudes a sense of solidity, all the while appearing as ethereal and dynamic as the ever-changing sky. Visitors have the opportunity to cross the roof, granting them access to breathtaking vistas of the seaside scenery.

Beneath the graceful slope lies an expansive and transparent shared space spanning approximately 800 square meters. This versatile area encompasses the main curatorial space, a bookstore, and a pop-up coffee shop, enabling artistic and cultural activities to unfold. Through this design, the architects aim to foster a harmonious interaction between humans and nature, inviting a seamless connection between the built environment and the natural world.

Features of the Sky Mountain pavilion

  • The major materials used for construction are fair-faced concrete and glass
  • The pavilion is composed of rolling ring roofs, creating a “mountain in the sky” between the city and the sea
  • The solid structure is hidden in the flexible architectural curves, as soft as clouds and as changing as the sky.
  • Visitors can walk on top of the building along the undulating roof to enjoy the charming scenery of the seaside
  • Under the gentle slope of the valley-like roof, there is an open and transparent shared space covering the main curatorial space, sub-curatorial space, bookstore space and pop-up coffee shop
  • The green space enclosed by the buildings provides space for outdoor activities. Architects hope that architecture will allow humans and nature to form a good interaction.
  • Its ts curvaceous form is crowned by a refined white roof that sweeps along the beach
  • The outside space for leisure under roof is 775 sqm
  • The total site area is 21 600 sqm, building area is 3600 sqm and total floor area is  1600 sqm


Architecture and design done with nature as a component has a fascinating connection. Sky Mountain circular pavilion is a prime example of how to integrate nature into architectural design. The design harmoniously captures the fluidity of the sea and the vastness of the sky, creating a captivating interplay between nature’s elements.

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