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Skid steer loader; Trends to look for the Indian market

Regulated demand from the construction sector coupled with introduction of several state-of-the-art skid steer loader variants with superior features such as compact size, and easy operability, are the major factors driving the demand. Another major reason contributing to the demand for skid steer loaders is their ability to get into tight spaces. Although the machines are small in size, they have enough power to perform heavy construction activities.In addition, the rising adoption of skid loaders for landscaping activities is also expected to have a positive impact on the product demand.With the construction industry growing steadily, demand for skid steer loaders is also increasing, and construction is the largest end user of these machines.

 A skid-steer loader can sometimes be used in place of a large excavator by digging a hole from the inside. These are more effective for digging in a small area than the method above and can work in the same environments. Other applications may consist of transporting raw material around a job site, or assisting in the rough grading process. The equipment’s numerous features and amazing performance capabilities in various sectors, interest for skid steer loaders is rapidly rising. Scope of application extends to agriculture, recycling, urban infrastructure development, and renewal projects, notably the municipal sector, where a sizable number of skid steer loaders are being applied in constricted locations. Discussed below are the trends in skid setters to look forward to in the indian market.

Skid steer loader- Trends to look for the Indian market

Skid steer loader with High-performance hydraulic system

Modern models come with maximum power and reliability are built into the machine’s hydraulic system. In addition to providing power to the wheels, this system also provides the loader lift and tilt functions, powers the auxiliary circuit to drive work tools and drives the engine cooling fan. The hydraulic pumps are driven directly off the engine for maximum hydraulic performance and reliability – no belts are used. The hydraulic system in modern machines also features- Standard auxiliary hydraulics to power work tools that are available through quick connect hydraulic couplings rigidly mounted to the loader arm and Guard Houses for increased reliability and durability. Comfort and ease of operation have been designed into every aspect of the operator station. The wide, spacious interior and uncluttered floor provide a comfortable work environment with excellent head, shoulder and leg room to keep productivity high and fatigue low. The adjustable seat and low effort controls keep the operator comfortable throughout the work day.

Skid steer loader with high Horsepower engine

Modern Skid steer loaders use the machine’s design and balance to deliver more usable horsepower. We build machines with the right balance between engine and pump, plus a weight distribution that delivers powerful breakout forces and faster cycle times.  In modern models engine, pump, horsepower and cubic-inch displacement are configured precisely for each model’s specific operating capacity. Engine horsepower and hydraulic system performance are finely tuned to run circles around other machines. Skid steer loaders can reach maximum torque at a lower rpm to minimize stalling and save time and fuel.

Skid steer loader with Uptime Protection Feature

In modern models the lighting circuit automatically shuts down to prevent accidental battery discharge. The axle bearings are automatically lubricated with chaincase oil – so they never need greasing. The models come standard with automatic shutdown that monitors engine and hydraulic functions. The system alerts the operator and actually shuts the machine down – lessening the chance of damage to the engine or hydraulic components.

Skid steer loader with Extended Bucket

In newer models, the extended bucket is different in a way that it increases dump height by one meter(1m). An extended reach design allows the vertical movement to be more straight-up vertical, to keep the bucket forward of the operator’s cab and allows safe dumping into the heightened or tall containers. New models come with an extended bucket built with more power and torque which accelerates productivity and increases operator comfort. The Extended Bucket is beneficial for the task which requires high dumping height.

Skid steer loader

Skid steer loader with higher Lift Capacity

Skid steer loader comes with Vertical and Radius Lift Path. Every pin and connecting point on Bobcat lift arms are part of a single plane design. Side-to-side movement is minimized, resulting in less wear and longer life. It also helps prevent unwanted spillage of material.A vertical lift path provides higher lift capacity and more reach at full lift height than radius lift path, keeping the load closer to the machine while you raise the loader arms. Because you achieve maximum reach at full lift height, it’s easier to clear high-sided truck boxes and hoppers. It’s also better for placing heavy pallets of block or sod. A radius lift path provides maximum reach at truck bed height. Arm movement forms an arc. More than 80 percent of that arc delivers better reach at truck bed height. A radius lift path excels in jobs at mid-range heights, like dumping over a wall, backfilling or unloading flatbed trucks.

Skid steer loader with leading Operator Comfort

Modern skid steer loader comes with a wide door, repositioned grab handles and a lower threshold to provide easy access to the cab. The new age skid steer loader benefits from a cab with up to 25% more internal width, providing greatly improved operator comfort. The cab provides plenty of room for comfortable operation, with greater headroom and legroom, more space between the control levers and easy access to the seat. The large glazed surface with ultra-narrow wire side screens, the lowered threshold and thinner front pillars provide a good visibility.

Skid steer loader

Skid steer loader with the Cab-Forward Design

Manufacturers have come up with the cab-forward design which allows the operator to see the bucket edge or attachment without leaning forward and thereby resulting in safe and efficient operation. Visibility has been significantly increased in all directions. A lowered rear screen and cooling package improve rear visibility which is critical while reversing at high speed. Also, the side windows are made larger increasing the visibility to the tires and the sides when the loader arms are raised. The design, balance, and weight distribution deliver more usable horsepower, powerful breakout forces, and faster cycle times. The machines work quicker, lift more, and outperform to meet various job site requirements.

Skid steer loader with Load Sensing System and hydraulic servo-controls

The new skid steer loader is the perfect machine when maneuverability and controllability become critical. The variable flow of the Closed-Load Sensing System (CLSS) ensures precision and smoothness to all movements and provides quick and reliable power for any required operation. The servo-controls included as standard, make the SK510-5 fast and easy to use. Natural movements and maximum precision guarantee unique efficiency and greatly contribute to reducing operator fatigue. The right joystick controls the movements of the arm and the bucket; the left one controls the translation. With easy access for periodic maintenance, this is an efficient and reliable skid steer loader.

Skid steer loader


With rapid growth in urbanization, there is continuous development of infrastructure on a large scale. Activities across sites call for equipment and machines that are both strongly built and equipped with the latest technology. This has buoyed the growth of the global skid steer loader market in India.

The expanding construction and mining industries are primarily augmenting the demand for skid steer loaders to perform several labor-intensive tasks, such as digging, collecting, and lifting several materials, such as debris, sand, cement, etc. Furthermore, the increasing adoption of skid steer loaders in site cleanup, material spreading, road sweeping, backfill, turf and slab preparation, etc., is also propelling the market growth.

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