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Screed mortar for very thin Overlays & Inlays

AVCRETE LMC – T5 - Heavy Duty High Abrasion Resistant Floor Screed mortar for very thin Overlays & Inlays

A floor screed is usually a cementitious material made from cement and sharp sand, sometimes coarse aggregates can be added to create a thicker layer. It can be applied before final floor coverings to withstand the impact of constant use and heavy footfall. This protects the floor to make it last longer and provides an even, level surface. It is also highly insulating, which is why it is often used for underfloor heating systems. Screed is generally used to create a smooth, bump-free finish to internal floors or surfaces. Additionally, it enhances aesthetic improvements to the concrete base, screed can also lengthen its life – the compact mix of sharp sand and cement in floor screeds provides a durable and long-lasting top layer that protects the floor. It can also assist when several different flooring products are being used by allowing for variation in material thickness. 

The screed may be directly bonded to the base or laid unbonded onto a suitable damp proof membrane which is placed over the slab. Alternatively, it may be applied as a floating finish over a layer of rigid insulation material. This application is suitable for use with cast-in water pipes to provide underfloor heating. Choosing the correct type can be crucial to the success of your project. AVCRETE LMC – T5 is one such screed mortar for very thin overlays and inlays with high bond and flexural strength. Avcon is India’s first flooring company with ISO 9001-2015 certification in Concrete Floor Design, Manufacturing of Products and Projects Executions.

AVCRETE LMC – T5  is a single component preblended dry mortar consisting of Cement, Graded high strength aggregates and performance polymers. It only needs water addition.It is a high-performance cementitious screed based on the latest in concrete & polymer technology. It has high flexural strength making it suitable for thin section applications.

AVCRETE LMC- T5 is applied as a 5 to 10 mm thick onto new or existing base concrete surface.

 It is available in two types:

  •  Internal use for any type of Industry 
  • External use subject to UV radiation and areas which are continuously wet

Besides, the mix has hard-wearing graded aggregates which are suitable for harsh working conditions. It is highly suitable for use in an Industrial environment giving a hard wearing surface. It provides mechanical resistance, compactness and smoothness.  AVCRETE LMC- T5 is an impact and wear resistant floor refurbishment system. Finished surface is similar to the power troweled concrete surface but with higher wear resistance. It can be laid in proper levels.

Avcrete LMC-T5

An eye on users’ requirements & vision for the future has resulted in the development of several products for the Flooring Industry. Avcon, through its in-house R&D & vast knowledge of the flooring industry, Concrete technology & its applications, has developed a range of products that found usage in every segment of the flooring industry. Avcon has been adding value to its core business, Design & Engineered Concrete Flooring Solutions, for more than three decades. Since its incorporation in 1992, the company has manufactured several products for the flooring industry. The company’s flooring projects and solutions have become benchmarks in flooring and case for reference and specifications.

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