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Sales of plots begin in Ariyalur’s first sidco industrial estate

Tamil Nadu Small Industries Development Corporation (Sidco) has launched the sales of industrial plots in the past few months in Ariyalur district’s first Sidco industrial estate situated on the Ariyalur-Jayankondam highway.

Sprawling for about 28.5 acres, Sidco has recently completed the basic amenities in the industrial space. A layout finalised by Sidco has earmarked 26 industrial plots for sale in the first phase of which 4 plots were sold.

Initially, Sidco has priced the cost of the industrial land sprawling for 10 to 20 cents at 61 lakh. The cost was revised to 51 lakh per plot.

The district administration has requested Sidco to reduce the land cost further to invite first-generation entrepreneurs to launch business operations.

“As per the district administration’s request, we have conveyed to our superior officials the demand to reduce the land cost further. Engineering industries have been expressing interest to buy the plots,” B Rajaraman, branch manager with Sidco said.

Except for the dying and other allied industries, Sidco said that other sectors including food, agriculture, and engineering MSMEs can purchase the industrial land.


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