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Safety Tips For First-Time Forklift Users

When you own a business that operates machinery such as forklifts, you need to know how to safely operate a forklift. Employee safety is paramount, and you will be held responsible if you do not give your employees proper training and safety tips. Below we look at the common safety tips you should know as a first-time forklift user.

Finding A Quality Forklift

If you have yet to purchase a forklift for your business, you need to first consider the needs of your business and your budget. Buying a faulty forklift could cause an accident in the workplace and when it comes to safety, scrimping is not the way to go.

Luckily, you can find a cheap forklift for sale from reputable sellers like Multy Lift. They sell used forklifts that have been refurbished to a high standard, meaning you can spend less whilst still getting a quality forklift that will keep you and your employees safe.

Perform Daily Inspections

You or your employees should be carrying out daily inspections on the forklift, even if the forklift is not used every day. Create a folder that can be stored in your office or close to the machinery, with a checklist of everything that needs to be inspected each day. This should be signed and dated to keep a log of maintenance.

Keep Forks Low

When driving a forklift, the forks should be kept low to the ground unless they are in use. They should stay at around 6 to 8 inches from the ground, and if they are scraping the floor, they are too low.

When going down a slope, go in reverse to avoid an accident or damage to the machinery. The forks should be kept low to minimise injury if the worst should happen. For more information on lowering risk, here are seven ways to reduce accident risk from your forklift operations.

Create A Forklift Safety System

Whether you work in construction or at a warehouse, you need a proper safety system in place so that other workers or pedestrians do not get injured. Include safety measures such as creating walkways for pedestrians, so they cannot get into the construction area.

Use safety signs and get a second person to check the area whilst someone is using the forklift, especially on a busy site. Have a designated parking zone for the forklift and consider installing speed bumps. 

Get Certified

Nobody should be driving a forklift without certification, especially on a construction site. As a first-time forklift user, you need to get proper training so that you can stay safe and do your job properly. If you own a business that needs forklift drivers, it may be worth obtaining a forklift license yourself so you can ensure your staff are doing their job properly.

Whether you are training a new employee or providing safety guidance for forklifts, these safety tips can help first-time forklift users reduce accidents in the workplace. Don’t forget to buy a quality forklift, inspect your forklift daily, and get certified.


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