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Road Construction Equipments in India

Road construction equipments are being re-engineered from the ground up to deliver industry-leading breakout force, greater loader lift capacity/reach and best-in-class cab visibility. Manufacturers are providing substantially more superior machines, with greater reliability, less maintenance, better operational kinematics, and dynamics with phenomenal fuel efficiency. The companies have leveraged the integration of Big Data and the Internet of Things in their products. The road construction equipment manufacturers are showing preparedness to meet escalating demand by ramping up their production capacities and upgrading machines. Given below are the most sought out equipments for road construction.

Road Construction Equipments in India

Excavators for road construction engineered with fuel efficiency and maintenance costs

Fuel is one of the largest expenses for most construction companies. Modern manufacturers have fitted their machines with fuel-saving technology and offer many different fuel-saving services. Reducing fuel consumption by improving efficiency not only saves money for companies but also helps reduce their impact on the environment. Every litre of diesel fuel saved means there is 2.6kg less carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

Excavators for road construction

Machines are now using the auto engine shutdown feature. It operates much in the same way as the auto-idle feature. Instead of switching to idle mode, the machine’s engine will shut down after five minutes of inactivity. After four minutes of inactivity, the machine will give a 60-second warning that the engine will shut down. After the sixty-second period is up, the machine’s engine will switch off. This feature helps to cut down on emissions when the machine is idle. A machine can be left idle 40-60% of operating time which contributes significantly to fuel consumption. Excavator manufacturers are continually trying to improve their machines to reduce operating costs and improve fuel efficiency.

Backhoe loader for road construction with upgraded Telematics System

Manufacturers today are boosting the technology of their backhoes, adding sophisticated machine control and telematics systems to them. Others are relying on technology to improve the power and reach of their backhoes. These changes can benefit the bottom lines of owners, who can now rely on that most versatile of machines, the backhoe, to do more work more efficiently. The system is constantly evolving. Updated Livelink Telematics provides alerts on real-time location, fuel reporting system, maintenance alerts, machine and fleet hours etc.


Evolved Telematics affords the ability to understand trends, to create a baseline, and then use that baseline to learn more about the rest of your operation. The metrics that the telematics system enables you to manage your fleet more effectively and plan maintenance schedules – it provides instant notifications when a service is due and critical alerts if there are any serious mechanical or electrical problems with your machines. This means; we can quickly make sure that any issues are sorted, and your machines are fully operational and back onsite earning you money. The new system eradicates this problem by consolidating information from across a complete fleet onto a single dedicated system. This allows those responsible for fleet management to interpret data from multiple sources, enabling more informed, more effective and faster decision making.

Asphalt paver for Road construction with hydraulically expandable screeds

The newer models of asphalt paver hold an extension of screed hydraulic to a width of 4.5 meters and a half meters on each side is of Bolton type, which can be removed easily by a loosening of bolts. Additional features include adjustable auger-to-screed distance, dual-screen consoles, remote controls, power slope/power crown, large hopper capacity, maintenance-free auger/conveyor bearings, and built-in SmokEater fume-extraction system. Manufacturers are coming up with hydraulically expandable screeds for contractors seeking easy operation and maximum uptime. The wheeled paver with hydraulically expandable screed is a dual-application machine, handling both asphalt and wet mix. The technology and specifications for the paver meet all governmental requirements in the markets, it has a presence. The paver effortlessly shifts between jobs featuring asphalt and wet mix, often required on some governmental roads.

Motor graders for Road construction with Machine Damage Avoidance System

New generation hybrid motor graders come with new technologies, called Machine Damage Avoidance, Blade Stow, and Auto-Gain for Cross Slope, which are intended to increase uptime and productivity with lower operating costs. The features are adjustable. Auto-Gain automatically configures the Cross Slope gain setting based on existing conditions, so the operator doesn’t have to do it manually. Like Blade Stow, Auto-Gain is an industry exclusive. Finally, Machine Damage Avoidance is an optional technology that prevents the moldboard from colliding with the grader’s tires, steps, or frame. The feature also keeps the saddle from impacting the table.

Motor graders are now compatible with local positioning systems (LPS) as well as network real-time kinematic (RTK) radio with better stability. SmartGrade has also been upgraded with file transfers that are up to 20% faster, along with a greater capacity for file processing. Modern models also come with sensors that are based on two-dimension technology so that the moldboard angle can automatically adjust itself to the gradients to be graded. The automated technology solution optimizes the operator’s job, which is critical as most road projects have very constrained schedules.

Asphalt mixing plants for Road construction with suspended particulate matter (SPM)

Modern Asphalt-Mixing Plant provides exceptional technology at a low acquisition price. The plant utilizes multiple coupled geared motors that reduce fuel and minimize maintenance costs. The efficient burner is another cost-saver, while the hourly output capacity makes the plant desirable for any business. The plant comes with a control process which makes it stand out. The control system is intuitive and technologically advanced, particularly when compared to similar plants. Fuel and aggregate usage are minimized and mix quality and consistency are improved.The plant can be easily modified to use 25% recycled asphalt, enabling customers to adjust mixes to a specified RAP design. Optional insulation enhances dryer efficiency and reduces fuel consumption. Silo pockets can utilize optional temperature probes.

The plant comes with multiple coupled geared motors eliminating the need for a linkage mechanism, thereby limiting parts and maintenance costs. Wear parts are durable and easy to maintain and replace. Central lubrication points simplify mixer maintenance. The distribution deck protects mesh and dispenses material to avoid screen overload and damage. The plant is also easy to pack and load. Fast setup times mean a quick return to production upon arrival.

Wheel loader for Road construction with Hydraulic and Drive train technology

Using innovative hydraulic and drive train technology and rock-solid quality, Modern loaders are satisfying the toughest quarry and mining production demand. The wheel loader’s Independent Work Equipment Control simplifies operation and further reduces fuel consumption, says Komatsu, by separating the accelerator pedal from the speed of the work equipment. Operating environment changes include floor-to-ceiling glass, ergonomically designed switch layouts, and a fully-adjustable five-axis console.

Advancements in attachment offerings over the last decade have complemented the productivity and versatility of compact wheel loaders. Today, they are commonplace in construction sites and landscaping projects, given their optimum size, new attachment options, and low-fuel consumption.


It is no longer enough to create one machine and expect to suit the needs of all. Buyers have become more educated and demanding in terms of wanting machines suited to the kind of work and environment that they work in. The country is in a crucial phase of development where numerous projects are running in different regions, propelling the demand for different models of road construction equipment.

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