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Resource-efficient methods for Refurbishing existing buildings

The monumental environmental impact of construction cannot be brushed under the rug. While there is a need for development, the industry is also looking at building sustainably. Many organizations recognize the value of green buildings as their responsibility.

Besides building sustainably and designing architecture that is smart and green, there is increased focus on moulding existing buildings in a way that has a net-positive impact on the environment. Refurbishing buildings and Regenerative design Green Roofs & Skins, HVAC systems, smart grids rainwater harvesting and improved water management and on-site water treatment results in long-term resource savings.

Retrofitting existing buildings is cost-effective, resource-efficient and sustainable. Construction sites by virtue lead to increased energy use, resource use and pollution. With retrofitting as an option, there is no need for massive construction material deliveries, a larger workforce and increased traffic at the site. This limits the disruption of the job site as well from waste, common irritants and various kinds of pollution.

39% of global carbon emissions result from construction fields per United Nations Report (2017). Inefficient material transportation, construction delays and excessive transportation around the site related to deliveries, workforce etc lead to massive emissions and put a strain on our resources. In comparison to new construction, refurbishing buildings have lower lifecycle energy implications. They directly reduce water usage which is a huge win for the planet. Lesser construction, digging and levelling also directly reduce the harm to the soil at the site and the flora and fauna around it.

Retrofits for existing buildings have a positive impact on the environment as compared to focusing solely on building greener structures or sustainable construction practices. Green building retrofits deliver positive results that are cost and time-optimised. Solutions such as Green roofs that support grass, plants, flowers, bushes and other greenery on rooftops in Urban areas especially can reduce site level stormwater runoff and lower buildings cooling and heating energy demand.  Green roof systems are low-cost and low-maintenance with high advantages for the environment.

Regular HVAC performance checks are a must. If left unchecked the deteriorating performance of the HVAC system can result in efficiencies directly affecting energy consumption and efficiency.

Continuous commissioning formalizes the process of ensuring that the HVAC system is at peak performance levels and optimizes energy use for existing buildings.

Investing in SDSS or smart decision support system is a technology that integrates smart grid big analytics and cloud computing to achieve building energy efficiency. Utilizing energy usage data of a building and analyzing the same helps in successfully deploying energy efficiency.

Retrofitting existing structures takes away the pressure and challenges that come with building new structures. It also allows for faster changes in reduced turnaround time so that every structure out there can contribute to reversing the damage done to the planet. At both an individual level and an organization/building/society/corporate level, it is a method that can quickly and positively contribute to green world.

Authored by; Dinesh Semwal founder, Ensavior Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Dinesh Semwal, Ensavior Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The author founded Ensavior Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in 2011 on the belief that smarter and healthier buildings require high performance engineering solutions by adopting best engineering practices with a special emphasis on Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability. As a full-service Design, Engineering, Sales, Maintenance, and manufacturing company, Ensavior offers various products and services in Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning (HVAC), Public Health Engineering (PHE), Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Fire.

As a full-service Design, Engineering, Sales, Maintenance and Manufacturing company, Ensavior offers holistic solutions to their clients, in Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning (HVAC), Public Health Engineering (PHE), Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Fire. It is a leading brand in the building services industry offering a host of services from the conceptualization stage to implementation with excellence in quality and engineering services. Their products are being used in prestigious projects including Supreme court, Parliament House, ITPO, Delhi International airport, Delhi Metro, Jaipur Metro, Lucknow Metro, Kolkata Metro, India International convention center, DLF, Westin, Coca-Cola, Qualcomm, Amazon, Sify, Tata, IDBI Bank, Lodha Group, Maruti Suzuki and Google.


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