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Rental Tower Crane for building Residential towers in Bengaluru

In this era of urbanisation, there has been an increased demand for housing. When building in a residential area, it is important to reduce impact and disruptions within communities while improving safety and executing projects on time. With faster construction demand taking a leap, these are major demand drivers of tower cranes in India. On construction sites that require long-term, high-capacity materials handling solutions, tower crane rentals have long been the equipment of choice. Rann Infra Equipment is one of the fastest-growing equipment rental companies in India.

The company was established with the vision of providing various facilities from erection, maintenance and dismantling rental tower crane services. Their fleet of rental tower cranes features a wide variety of makes and models with varying hook heights, jib lengths and capacities.

 Rann Infra Equipment Tower Crane on Rental for Residential Project in Bengaluru

One of the company’s rental tower cranes is rented by SV Prime for residential development in Whitefield, Bangalore. The project is undertaken by SV Infra Holdings. The rented tower crane is helping build 3 residential towers which were started in January 2022 and expected to complete by 2023. The tower crane rented for the project comes with a fixed foundation that covers around 1 acre of the construction area.

Rann Infra Equipments’ Potain MC 125 Tower Crane rented by SV Prime for residential development in Bengaluru working at the height of 40 meters

Specification of Tower Crane Rental for the project; 

  • Crane rented:- Potain MC 125.
  • Crane height:- 40 meters height, can be extended to 60 metres 
  • Crane jib length:- 60 meters.  

Tower Cranes rental service is individually suited to each customer’s requirements. From concept, through the installation / dismantling operations and safety of all involved is the highest priority. Tower cranes are usually assembled and erected on-site with a horizontal or luffing jib. We provide an extensive range of different Tower Crane.

  • Liebherr 30 LC (Undercarriage prohibition) Ht.30m, Jib Length 30m, Capacity 2.5tons
  • 2 Potain MC125 (Internal and Fixed Foundation) Ht.60m, Jib length 60m, Capacity 6 tons
  • Zoomlion 5610 (Fixed foundation) Ht. 60m, Jib length 56m, Capacity 6 tons

The company provides all-around support for the machines even after the warranty. They maintain a large number of genuine wearable parts for fast support so that customers don’t suffer. The company also provides both comprehensive and non-comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts.

Presently Rann Infra Equipment consists of a team of skilled engineers, consultants, supervisors, technicians, service representatives, operators and installers. The company is rapidly growing and keeps adding new equipment to our fleet for being your one-stop solution for all vertical construction equipment rental partners across the nation. The company’s tower Cranes on rent are being used for residential & commercial projects, civil construction, high-rise buildings, power plants, cement plants, chemical plants, metro constructions, bridges & flyovers, dams and other similar construction activities.  

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