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Reliaable Developers Leading the Way in Bangalore’s Plotted Development Market

In Bangalore, while the preference for land persisted amidst the city’s IT boom, the surge in population stimulated apartment culture in the mid-1980s. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the drawbacks of apartment living, reigniting the demand for plotted developments, individual homes and villas. Areas like North Bangalore and Devanahalli saw significant growth, especially with the announcement of the new airport, fueling interest in villas and villa plots. However, villa ownership lacks the flexibility of designing and customizing homes, driving the resurgence of the “plot culture.” Over the past five years, there has been a notable uptick in individuals favoring plots, seeking the freedom to design and construct homes that meet their specific requirements and hence reshaping the whole Bangalore real estate market.

Reliaable Developers: Visionaries in this shift towards Plot culture

Reliaable Developers anticipated this shift long before it became a mainstream trend. Founded in 1999 by Dr. Rama Reddy and Mr. H.P. Rama Reddy, the company has over two decades of experience in providing BDA-approved plots on emerging hotspots like HSR Layout, Sarjapur Road, and Hosur Road. The success of Reliaable Developers can be attributed to their strategic location choices and forward-thinking vision, which not only meet upcoming demands but also contribute to land appreciation and maximize profits for landowners.

Blending Experience with innovation

Reliaable Developers‘ current leadership, including Dr. Rama Reddy and Dr. Mahendra Reddy, combines experience and fresh perspectives. The company’s second-tier management, consisting of finance, sales, and marketing, brings together seasoned professionals from renowned real estate brands. This fusion of legacy, expertise, and diverse talents ensures that Reliaable remains in capable hands. Under new management, the company has embraced technological advancements and a refreshed organizational culture, positioning itself to meet the changing needs of modern homebuyers while building on its strong foundation in Bangalore’s real estate market.

Buyer Considerations: Money, Livability, and Brand Trust

For homebuyers, key considerations include financial investment, livability, and brand trust. Reliaable Developers address these concerns by offering plots in prime locations.

By leveraging technology and government support, Reliaable Developers have consistently delivered well-planned projects that appreciate in value.

By integrating world-class amenities and ensuring proximity to IT hubs, medical facilities, and educational institutions, Reliaable Developers address one of Bangalore’s major challenges: long commute times. Hence the company’s commitment to enhancing the living experience within their plotted communities is evident.

This foresight and dedication to quality have cemented their reputation as a leader in the real estate market.

Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Over the past two decades, Reliaable has established itself as Bangalore’s largest and most exclusive BDA plot developer, crafting over 15,000 BDA-approved plots across 1,000 acres. Their unwavering focus on providing BDA-approved plots has instilled confidence in customers.

Despite facing challenges and criticism like any other company, Reliaable has shown resilience by listening to customer feedback, adapting to changing needs and embracing technological advancements. Embracing all the learnings, Reliaable is set to unveil a premium lake-facing community, strategically located near all major IT hubs in Bangalore. This development will feature a comprehensive array of amenities and meticulously landscaped surroundings, providing an exceptional living experience.

Reliaable is dedicated to serving the emerging generation of plot buyers, maintaining its tradition of innovation, quality, and trust. With several new projects in the pipeline, they aim to create communities that embody the essence and aspirations of Bangalore and not just empty plots.


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