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Proterra and Komatsu to jointly develop all-electric equipment for Asia and Europe

Komatsu is partnering with Proterra to use battery packs in Komatsu’s first electric hydraulic excavators. Komatsu will use Proterra’s battery systems to develop a proof-of-concept electric excavator by the end of 2021. If that meets certain performance criteria the batteries will be installed in a commercial production machine in 2023 and 2024. Manufacturers of heavy industrial equipment are trying to reduce their dependence on gasoline and diesel as regulators in Europe and Asia have set goals to become carbon neutral by 2040 or sooner. Komatsu developed a fleet of gas-electric hybrid excavators in 2008, and more recently launched a mini electric excavator.

Proterra, a leading innovator in commercial vehicle electrification technology, and Komatsu, a global leader in construction equipment, have announced an agreement to leverage Proterra’s best-in-class battery technology for the development of Komatsu’s first battery-electric middle class hydraulic excavator. The collaboration represents Proterra’s entry into the off-road vehicle market and the company’s first Proterra Powered™ battery-electric construction equipment.

Proterra’s battery systems are engineered and produced in the U.S., featuring a customized design to fit in a range of vehicles.“As more communities embrace a zero-emission future, Proterra is excited to partner with Komatsu to develop battery-electric construction equipment,” said Proterra CEO Jack Allen, in a statement. “Proterra’s best-in-class battery technology has been proven in 16 million miles driven by our fleet of transit vehicles.” Seiichi Fuchita, president of Komatsu’s development division, said, “I am excited about the collaboration with Proterra, by which Komatsu will drive the electrification of construction equipment.”

Proterra Powered leverages Proterra’s electric vehicle technology and expertise to help commercial vehicle manufacturers electrify their vehicles. Proterra battery systems are utilised by world-class OEMs to introduce 100% battery-electric vehicles, including electric school buses, coach buses, delivery vans, and low-floor cutaway shuttle buses.

In addition to reducing noise and air pollution, the design of Proterra battery packs it says “offers an ideal application for an off-road, construction setting where safety and durability are of utmost importance. Proterra designs its batteries with safety as a core guiding principle and all Proterra battery packs undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand the toughest conditions, making it an excellent choice for Komatsu and the off-road vehicle market.”

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