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Property tax of Rs 55.37 cr collected under SAMRIDDHI scheme

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi has received property tax of Rs 55.37 crore under a one-time amnesty scheme launched in October 2022

Property tax of Rs 55.37 cr is collected by The Municipal Corporation of Delhi under SAMRIDDHI scheme.

The Strengthening and Augmentation of Municipal Revenue for Infrastructure Development in Delhi (SAMRIDDHI) scheme came into effect on October 26 and it will end on March 31, 2023, with no further extension.

Under this scheme, property owners of authorised and regularised colonies can settle all property tax related liabilities by paying property tax of the residential properties for the current year and previous five years. For commercial properties, owners can pay the principal amount of the last six years and get a waiver on the previous dues, including penalty and interest, the MCD had earlier said.

So far 29,954 citizens have taken advantage of this scheme, and have settled their property tax related cases, out of which four cases were those which were pending in courts. Property tax of Rs 55.37 crore has been received till January 11 under the scheme, the MCD said in a statement. The SAMRIDDHI scheme is quite different from the property tax amnesty schemes introduced earlier, it said.

“In previous amnesty schemes, only interest and penalty were waived, but after applying successfully online through the present SAMRIDDHI scheme, all the previous property tax dues, even of before the year 2004, when rateable value system was prevalent, will be waived,” it added.

The scheme was launched by Delhi Lt Governor V K Saxena in October 2022. “Along with this, if any property tax payer has availed the benefit under any earlier scheme and there is any error in it, then he will not be deprived of the benefit of that scheme due to that error. Citizens can take advantage of the SAMRIDDHI scheme till March 31,” the statement said. Under this scheme, property tax payers against whom MCD has initiated action for attachment of bank account or property, whose cheques have bounced or been dishonoured previously, and action initiated against them, and taxpayers who have paid up to date tax, but all receipts are not captured online to update the system, can avail it, the statement said.

After updating the records, property tax payers will be issued a ‘No Dues Certificate’ till year 2023 which will protect him or her with respect to any future property tax liability, it said. The MCD in order to successfully implement this scheme has designed a link for it on its website, where taxpayers can pay their property tax or update their records.


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