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Performance products for industrial flooring

Avcon performance products comprises Acrylic Cement Modifier, High Performance Concrete Rheology, Shrinkage Reducing Admixture, Shrinkage Reducing Additive etc

The function of an industrial floor is to provide trouble-free movement of man, machine, materials and material-handling equipment. A damaged or incorrectly installed floor surface can cause serious issues with efficiency, safety and hygiene, not to mention the cost of repair. Getting it right the first time takes a thorough understanding of the environment, the best possible design, the most suitable choice of product, and the correct installation. Avcon performance products cater to these sound technical flooring solutions that balance the requirement of compliance & functionality of industrial flooring. We provide solutions to projects of every size and scale, with our wide range of products. Avcon is India’s first flooring company with ISO 9001-2015 certification in Concrete Floor Design, Manufacturing of Products and Projects Executions. The continual association with some of the biggest brands is a testimony to the company’s excellent performance.

Avcon performance products

The performance products comprises Acrylic Cement Modifier, High Performance Concrete Rheology, Shrinkage Reducing Admixture, Shrinkage Reducing Additive, Acrylic based membrane and High Strength Repair Mortar. Each of them addresses specific flooring functionality. Each of them is discussed below.

Acrylic Cement Modifier and bonding agent for cementitious surface- used in polymeric screeds and bonding of old to the new cementitious substrate.

High-Performance Rheology for in situ screed systems- suitable for Zero Slump & Low Slump. It provides lubrication to concrete

Shrinkage Reducing Admixture for Concrete- used for slab on grade concrete for higher joint spacings and reduction in drying shrinkages. Designed for concrete having a high surface area to volume ratio.

Shrinkage Reducing Additive- ideally suited for Deck Slab Concrete. It minimizes curling and warping stresses.

Clear Acrylic-based membrane-forming curing compound- a spray-applied curing compound used for uniform curing and reduction of drying shrinkage cracks.

High Strength Repair Mortar with anti-sag properties- used as general-purpose cementitious hand-applied patch repair mortar. It can be used for both vertical and overhead repairs.

Avcon has been adding value to its core business, Design & Engineered Concrete Flooring Solutions, for more than three decades. Since its incorporation in 1992, the company has manufactured several products for the flooring industry. The company’s flooring projects and solutions have become benchmarks in flooring and case for reference and specifications. The company’s products have been used across the whole gamut of industrial Floorings.

Driven by experience Avcon strives to generate ideas that help clients achieve the best solutions most cost-effectively. Out of box solutions & the promise to introduce innovative products in the concrete flooring, the range has been the founding principles of the company. For more details about the performance product range, visit-


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