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PASCHAL creates the basis for a 53-metre high housing complex

In Hyderabad (India) the 53-metre-high Orange blue bell Residential Towers are currently being built. PASCHAL Form Work (India) Pvt. Ltd. is supplying the formwork for all the cast-in-situ parts for this project and thus enabling the construction work to proceed quickly and easily.

The Orange blue bell Towers are a 53-metre- high at the heart of “KARMANGHAT”, in the Hyderabad. Once completed, the Orange blue bell Towers are expected to be the economical living space for all classes in Hyderabad.

The building consists of two towers with three basement levels and 16 upper floors providing a floor space of around 7,800 square metres.

Besides a health centre and a nursery, an underground four level car parking is also planned.

Formwork from PASCHAL for efficient building progress

The concrete parts in the underground levels are being cast in situ. Due to its versatility and the extensive range of panels, ELITE ENGINEERING &CONSTRUCTION PVT LTD. opted for the Modular universal formwork from PASCHAL.

For the pillars, lift walls and retaining walls with a concrete area of around 27,741 square metres, PASCHAL Form Work (India) Pvt. Ltd. supplied   370 square metres of formwork material in total.

In compliance with German standards, around 50 per cent of the formwork material was delivered within 15 days so as to support the project teams according to their project requirements.

Solid foundations thanks to the Modular universal formwork

For this project, PASCHAL Form Work (India) Pvt. Ltd. supplied for columns, retaining wall & lift wall. With the versatile Modular formwork system was also able to use for approximately 20 different sizes of footings also at foundation level. For the footing sizes varied from 3 x 3 metres to 9.03 x 6.5 meters.

The simple formwork connection technology also ensures that work progresses easier and faster compared to conventional formwork.

By using the Modular universal formwork, it was possible to produce the large individual structures in the appropriate quality very quickly.

During the second construction stage, columns measuring 2.1 x 0.3 metre and 1.8 x 0.3 metres, each with a height of 2.75 metres, as well as retaining walls, shear walls and core walls of various shapes were built.

The extensive range of PASCHAL Modular formwork panels allows the elements to be combined in many ways. All the geometric structures of the shear and core walls were therefore produced with efficient arrangement of the Modular formwork.

Thanks to the extensive range of panels, the retaining walls were also built using the PASCHAL Modular universal formwork.

Perfect formwork and formwork planning to overcome any challenge

In addition, the exact planning on the part of PASCHAL guaranteed that the available material could be used for all the other structures without disrupting the schedule.

Another challenge that needed to be overcome during the course of this project was the precise scheduling for the concreting and connecting of the vertical structures . By using the Modular formwork, it was possible to keep exactly to the timeframe with outstanding concrete results.

Modular formwork from PASCHAL – the tried and tested universal formwork

Modular universal formwork demonstrates its versatility, adaptability and flexibility –to the structure like foundations, walls, shafts, curvatures, columns or beams – time and time again. Another benefit of the PASCHAL Modular formwork lies in its durability and robustness. Consequently, the formwork material can easily be reused even after many applications.

The use of Modular universal formwork on this project enabled time and costs to be saved for a wide range of areas:

  • Shorter assembly and dismantling of the formwork
  • Prevention of complements by a carpenter
  • Simple handling of the system

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