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Over 100 teams to be deployed for DRP to speed up the survey

The Dharavi Rehabilitation Project (DRP) is to deploy over a 100 teams for further speeding up of the ongoing door to door socio-economic survey of the residents of Dharavi which is spread across 600 acres of land in central Mumbai in view of target completion of this exercise by December 2024.

Currently, over 15 teams are doing the survey at Railway land’s Kamala Raman Nagar, 28 of 46 acres of which was transferred by Railway Land Development Authority (RLDA) between Mahim and Matunga to the DRP on March 12.

Approximately 5,000 families reside on the railway land and with the technology being used, every team spends at least an hour to complete the entire survey given the digitalization of the relevant documentation.

An official from DRP stated, “Each house in this slum pocket has been assigned a unique number. We survey 100 slums daily and have covered 450 structures, including residential and commercial establishments. So far, 450 tenements have been surveyed.”

In addition to drone surveillance, teams are equipped with a mobile application to save survey data.

The official added, “Owner biometrics have been recorded, and we use a distometer to measure structure dimensions. Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology is employed to map lanes and create a digital replica of Dharavi.”

Adani Properties, awarded the Dharavi Rehabilitation Project, has engaged a private agency for the survey. The surveyors are accompanied by the Maharashtra Security Force and DRP officials.

“This survey employs the most advanced techniques used in India. Unlike SRA projects, where surveys are basic, our approach is more comprehensive,” said a DRP official.

The Core Web Application is a pivotal component of the Dharavi Redevelopment Project, serving as a central hub for managing field survey data, interactive dashboards, and ID card generation. The dashboard provides real-time spatial data visualization and analysis tools including interactive maps, charts, and graphs to aid decision-making.

It integrates with a Distometer output, handles thumb impression and annexure documents, and manages scanned records. Surveyors are recording videos of tenements and residents to prevent future disputes.The socio-economic data collected will inform residents’ economic profiles and guide DRP in launching skill development programs.


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