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New Age Resin Flooring Products

Tremco CPG has launched ‘New Age Resin Flooring’ products for industrial and commercial applications

Whether in a Commercial or Industrial environment, from aggressive cleaning agents to sugars and fats, aggressive substances will come into contact with the flooring. When exposed to severe substances, the integrity of the concrete is lessened, with localised areas of the concrete appearing noticeably different after spillages.

Concrete has a porous surface that is vulnerable to bacteria formation, chemicals, water seepage, moisture and becomes slippery. Hence the surface needs to be protected with a suitable coating for better lifespan.

Without protection, concrete is susceptible to extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals, impacts, tyre, traffic, de-icing salts and liquid. In an industrial area this could mean that the floor quickly becomes chipped, contaminated, cracked, and unclean.

While durability is always a consideration when selecting a flooring material, it’s an absolute must for high-traffic applications and impact areas. 

New Age Resin Flooring Products

For various functional needs, to balance the different substrate conditions & installation challenges, being market leader in this segment, Flowcrete (Part of Tremco CPG) has launched ‘New Age Resin Flooring’ systems. New age flooring comprises of 10 unique resin flooring systems suitable for various industrial, commercial and car park environments to meet end user’s critical requirements with unlimited design options.

Advantages of New Age Resin Flooring Products

New Age Resin flooring offers seamless applications with superior strength and flexibility, allowing compatibility with coving and drainage without compromising the integrity of the floor. The high tensile strength and resistance of new age resin flooring ensures protection against scratches and damage, resulting in a durable, completely crack free surface. 

New Age Resin flooring is also waterproof and levelled to prevent the pooling of water with exceptional slip resistance underfoot.

The colour possibility of New Age Resin flooring truly is endless, allowing customers an unrivalled level of creativity and flexibility through their chosen resin system. A huge range of aggregates ranging from sparkling crystal to glass, granite and stone can be added to resins to create seamless terrazzo or natural stone carpets; stunning finishes that create the ultimate wow-factor underfoot.

New Age flooring solutions is the perfect solution for floors that must withstand extreme temperatures, foot and machine traffic, chemicals, oil, and other fluids without peeling or corroding over years of constant use. For Commercial sectors these systems can be used to create luxurious, decorative visuals in various areas including Airport terminals, Office spaces, Shopping centres, Schools, Hospitals and Restaurants.

While for Industrial applications, seamless, solvent free, chemical resistant new age flooring options can be used in a variety of colors. Food processing, electronics, pharmaceutical, meat and poultry, distilleries, dairy, industrial, and manufacturing facilities are just some of the industries for which New age flooring is the perfect solution. 

Different types of New Age Resin Flooring Products

1Deckshield IDFlexible Polyurethane traffic coating system
2Flowchem VE GLVinyl Ester fiberglass reinforced Chemical Resistant system
3Flowcoat SF 41 Composite Multi-purpose, High performance epoxy system
4Flowfast TerrossoDecorative fast-setting MMA Resin floor finish
5Flowtex FC 300 Heavy Duty Epoxy screed system
6MondécoHighly decorative Epoxy terrazzo floor finish
7Peran FlakesHard-Wearing decorative epoxy  flakes system
8Peran STB ScatterHard-Wearing decorative granular epoxy system
9Flowfresh ESD SLAnti-Static Polyurethane screed floor System

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