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Multi Material – Automatic Block Machine

Automatic Block Machine models from Brickwell are designed with state of the art engineering technology, to produce a wide range of concrete products like Solid/Hollow Block, Interlock Pavers and Kerb Stones at quicker cycle.

The Standard Machine models starting from (4002-12004), can be set up less than 400 Sq.mt area. Less Labour and increased output. Entire range of products produced from Same machine with a simple and fast mold change, keeping costs down and prices competitive.

Production Capacity ranges from 11000 per shift. upto 1.5 lakhs per shift of Flyash Bricks and Solid Block ranging from 5000 per shift upto 57600 per shift. The Plant and Equipment are offered as turnkey solution including mixer and Batching plant. The Plant and Equipment are manufactured at our facility in India, offering assured after sale support and maintenance to customers 24/7.

When Compared Conventional Mobile machines, products from Brickwell machines are compacted and vibrated ensuring maximum filling in the mould. Thus, the products like Interlock Pavers can be produced upto M80 strength.

Why Brickwell?

  • Proven Technology
  • Simple and cost-effective Solution
  • Automatic Production Line
  • Less Labour and Less Running Cost
  • World Class Concrete Product
  • After Sale Support and Maintenance.
  • Reduced Wastage and Consistent Output

Designed to deliver unparalleled performance and cost effective solution, high strength, high-quality production, Brickwell’s production system is the perfect machine for medium-sized operations and specialty production runs. Using proven technology, combined with an economical price due to its low-cost local assembly, the production system is your answer to a more maintenance-free operation and increased capacity. Some of its popular block making machines are-

  1. Pan & Planetary Mixer
  2. 3 Bin Batching System
  3. Conveyors
  4. Automatic block machine
  5. Pallets
  6. Moulds
  7. Complete Automatic
  8. Service for the plant

Block Machines

  • 4002 block machine
  • 6004 block machine
  • 8004 block machine

Whether you’re producing bricks, pavers, coves, slabs, retaining wall and specialty products, or standard concrete blocks, all shapes, textures and colors that you want can be produced from a single production line.

Market Potential of India’s Blocks and Bricks Market

As per prnewswire.com, India is the second-largest brick manufacturer in the world after China.

Bricks industry in India has recorded considerable growth over the past few years, driven by the growth in infrastructure and construction activities. Moreover, India’s rising focus of Infrastructure Projects, increase in per capita income, improved economic growth, industrialization and rapid urbanization has augmented the growth prospects of blocks and bricks industry.

In India’s brick industry majorly four types of bricks are available: Fly ash brick, Solid/Hollow Concrete block and AAC block.


Modern automatic block making machines are integrated with advanced control systems and Fly Ash Utilisation technology. Fly Ash from thermal plants can be converted to walling material (Solid Blocks and Flyash Bricks), reducing the pounding of fly ash and protecting the ecosystem. Various agencies like NTPC, thermal plants should encourage usage of  Fly Ash for the concrete Industry. The modern machines are innovative so that they can reduce energy usage also which let you change the moulding design as per the needs. This helps reduce the cost and increase overall profit. Further, the efficient and fast production line of these machines adds to reducing per-unit cost of the blocks, offers high quality, less damaged and dimensionally accurate Concrete Products.


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