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Most Common Work Trailers

Being a commercialized truck driver requires you to have a deep knowledge of the different types of trailers. Trailers are available in different shapes, and sizes, and serve a wide range of different functions. 

Depending on the task you need to perform for your company, you have to choose the appropriate trailer. Some trailers are small, in size while some like deck trailers do not have an enclosed roof allowing you to carry items without any height limit. 

Some trailers also facilitate temperature control for insulation or freezing.  Commercially available options can be seen at

Exploring The Most Common Types of Work Trailers 

Each type of trailer comes with a different purpose to fulfill a different function. Hence, depending on your needs, here are the trailers you can choose from. 

  1. Gravel Trailers: 

Heavy-duty hauling can often take a toll on both your mental and physical health. Thankfully, there’s a way to make this task effortless. Gravel trailers are specifically designed to help you haul heavy-duty items. 

You can use these trailers to dump landscaping waste and demolition debris. They are also highly helpful for construction purposes. 

They facilitate a wide range of dumps such as end dumps, side dumps, and belly dumps. These aluminum and steel-made gravel trailers are highly durable and help you perform tasks smoothly. 

  • Storage Trailers: 

Storage trailers have an easily accessible loading dock. They can open by rolling up or swinging the doors. They can be easily accessed with the help of a jack lift or pallet lock. If you are looking for a good quality trailer with robust features, you can rely on storage trailers. 

They can tolerate the harsh weather and road conditions. They are made using steel and aluminium which enabled them to be highly durable. 

The main benefit of these trailers is that you can use them as storage space. You can use it for nationwide transportation, regional cartage, or simply as local storage. 

  • Side Dump Trailers: 

If you want a trailer to help you unload quickly, side dump trailers are your friend. They are manufactured using materials like gravel, rocks, loose metal, loose substrate, sand, and asphalt. This makes them extremely tough and helps them deliver a superior performance. 

You might have seen side dump trailers being used dominantly in construction industries and for waste disposal. 

They are highly stable and can unload the heaviest of things quickly and easily even if the ground is uneven. Most of all, they are user-friendly and you can use these trailers even without a user manual. 

  • Deck Trailers: 

Many materials are too tall to fit in a flatbed truck and this is when you need to resort to deck trailers. Deck trailers are a good companion for you if you want a trailer that can come in handy across a wide variety of situations. 

They are extremely easy to use. You can load things easily and you can unload them easily as well. They are particularly useful for working with raw materials and equipment. It can fit in a total of 52 pallets with ease. 

The best thing about using a deck trailer is that you can carry tall materials without having to worry about any height-limited permits.

  • Heater Van Trailers

When you leave your home and step outside in cold weather, you probably miss your sweater the most. This may surprise you but your trailer can also feel cold sometimes. Just as we are sensitive to weather, trailers can be quite sensitive too. 

You need to prevent them from freezing and opt for insulated trailers. These trailers have in-built heating systems making them perfect for storing and transferring food service, whole goods, beverages, and perishables. 

These trailers facilitate hassle-free loading and unloading. They have an excellent storage space and will deliver all items safely to the destination. 

  • Reefer Trailers: 

As mentioned above, trailers are sensitive to temperatures. Some materials require warmth while some require coolness. If you are delivering heat-requiring cargo, you already know which trailer to opt for. 

If you want to deliver perishables, beverages, and food items that require freezing temperature, reefer or refrigerated trailers can be your go-to choice. You can control the temperature of these trailers easily. 

The storage volume, functionality, loading, and unloading make performing your tasks with these trailers a piece of cake. These trailers function with the aid of a compressor and fan system. The temperature is maintained in the trailer by the in-built microprocessor. 

  • Dry Van Trailers: 

Dry van trailers are the best choice if you want to protect your goods from external conditions. These semi-trailers can give the optimum protection to your shipment due to their enclosed structure. This design keeps the items safe and dry and the certainty of safe clearance on the road as they protect it from road debris and harsh weather conditions.

Instead of their refrigerated and insulated counterparts, these trailers are not temperature-controlled. Their design makes them fit for carrying loose, palletized, and boxed freight. 

The numerous varieties of trailers available in the market can overwhelm you. You may find it challenging to choose which trailer is the perfect fit for you. 

Ensure to determine and assess your needs thoroughly. Once you’ve done this, you can choose from any of the well-designed trailers mentioned above.


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