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MHADA declares the list of 20 Dangerous cessed Buildings in Mumbai City

Tenants/Residents Urged to Follow Safety Protocols and Cooperate with Evacuation Procedures by the Buildings Repairs and Reconstruction Board

In view of the upcoming Monsoon season, the Mumbai Buildings Repairs and Reconstruction Board, a unit of MHADA has completed its annual pre-monsoon survey of old and dilapidated cessed buildings in the island city of Mumbai and today released the list of 20 buildings as highly dangerous and inhabitable. Included in these 20 buildings are 4 that were also declared highly dangerous last year.

The list of 20 highly dangerous cesssed buildings declared this year is as follows:

1. Building No. 4-4A, Navroji Hill Road No. 1, Jolly Chambers (Included in last year’s list)

2. Building No. 57, Nizam Street

3. Building No. 67, Masjid Street

4. Building No. 52-58, Babu Genu Road

5. Building No. 7 Khanderao Wadi/204-208, Kalbadevi Road

6. Building No. 52-52A, 2nd Deccan Cross Road

7. Building No. 125-127A, Jamna Nivas, Khadilkar Road, Girgaon

8. Building No. 314B, Brahmand Co-op Housing Society, V.P. Road, Girgaon

9. Building No. 418-426 S.V.P. Road, (124 to 134A) Golecha House

10. Building No. 83-87, Rawate Building, J.S.S. Road, Girgaon

11. Building No. 213-215 Dr. D.B. Marg

12. Building No. 38-40, Slater Road

13. 9D Chuna Lane

14. 44E Naushir Bharucha Marg

15. 1 Khetwadi 12th Lane

16. 31C and 33A, R. Rangnekar Marg and 19 Purandare Marg, Girgaon Chowpatty (Included in last year’s list)

17. Building No. 104-106, Meghji Building, A, B, and C Wing, Shivdas Chapsi Marg (Included in last year’s list)

18. Building No. 55-59-61-63-65 Sophia Zuber Marg

19. Building No. 44-48, 33-37 and 9-12 Kamathipura 11th and 12th Gully, Deval Building

20. Final Plot No. 721 and 724 TPS-3 Division, Building No. 40B and 428, Cess No. G North 50-95(1) and G North-5103 Atmaram Building and Penkar Chawl (Included in last year’s list)

Among the 20  most dangerous buildings declared this year, 4 were also declared as dangerous last year. These most dangerous buildings house a total of 711 residents/tenants, comprising 494 residential and 217 non-residential occupants. According to the actions taken by the Mumbai Building Repairs and Reconstruction Board, 36 residential tenants/residents have made their own alternative accommodation arrangements.

So far, 46 residents have been relocated in the transit camps. Eviction notices have been issued to the remaining tenants/residents in these buildings, and the process of vacating the premises is underway. Additionally, arrangements for relocating 412 residential tenants/residents to transit camps are being planned by the Board. The Board is actively working on providing alternative accommodation in the transit camps.

The Board has appealed the tenants/residents of these dangerous buildings to cooperate with the officers and staff of the Board in vacating the buildings as necessary and to follow the safety instructions provided by the Board to avoid any accidents and potential loss of life and property.

The Board also appeals to the tenants/residents to immediately notify the Control Room of any signs of danger or accidents in the buildings, as the Control Room is operational 24/7.

Mumbai Building Repairs and Reconstruction Board Control Room

Rajni Mahal, First Floor, 89-95, Tardeo Road, Tardeo, Mumbai-400034. 

Phone Number – 23536945, 23517423. 

Mobile Number – 9321637699.

Mumbai Municipal Corporation Control Room 

Municipal Headquarters, Fort, Mumbai. 

Phone Number: 22694725/27. 



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