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Maximize Your Budget: Construction Equipment Buying Guide

For many in the construction industry, the decision to buy used or new equipment comes down to a single factor: cost. Used equipment is usually less expensive than new machinery, which makes it an appealing purchase for budget-conscious buyers. It’s crucial to consider, however, that the value of a used piece depends on its longevity. Here, we will show you what to do when buying used construction equipment.

Learn About the Seller and Their Experience

When shopping for heavy construction equipment, research the seller. Established sellers should have testimonials available for new buyers to read. For new dealers, learn as much as possible. Ask business partners, clients, and colleagues if they’ve worked with the seller, or look for reviews from past buyers.

A seller’s industry experience is a strong selling point; someone in the business for decades is likely to be more reputable than a new seller. The best sellers offer no-obligation test drives, and anyone who prohibits them may have something to hide.

Check the Equipment’s History

Researching a machine’s ownership history is another way to determine whether it is a good deal. If a piece of equipment is bought and resold frequently, it may be poorly maintained or underutilized. On the other hand, a one-owner machine has likely been well-maintained. As you’re learning about a potential purchase, look for issues such as equipment seizures and liens. If a piece is repossessed before its loan balance is paid, its maintenance history may leave something to be desired.

Read the Maintenance Record

As mentioned above, a machine’s maintenance records can provide information about its condition. When those records are detailed, buyers are less likely to encounter unpleasant and costly surprises during daily use. Look for records of:

  • Oil and coolant changes
  • Repairs, regardless of significance
  • Service hours
  • Problems during operation
  • Parts in need of replacement

Pay additional attention to the frequency with which repairs have been made. If a single part constantly experiences issues, it will probably continue to do so in the future.

Inspect the Equipment and Its Vital Parts

A thorough inspection increases the chances of success when buying heavy machinery. If you don’t know what to look for, bring a local expert or a trusted partner along for the ride. Consider the condition of the following parts:

  • The engine. It’s one of the costliest parts to fix. Turn it on, allow it to run for several minutes, and listen for strange noises that may indicate internal problems.
  • Fluids. The level and condition of machine fluids demonstrate the quality of the care it has received. Check the transmission, brake, hydraulic, and other vital fluids. If levels are low, it may indicate a leak or a history of substandard maintenance.

By considering the condition of a machine’s vital parts, you’ll be less likely to end up with high repair bills. To explore the best equipment options for your construction needs and budget, click for equipment packages that can help you maximize your resources and ensure a successful project.

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