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Material Lifting and Transporting with Pick and Carry Cranes

These types of cranes are widely used for construction and infrastructure applications for loading, unloading, moving, transporting and erecting heavy materials.

Pick and carry cranes are a type of mobile crane designed for lifting, placing, and transporting heavy loads. Unlike traditional cranes, it can lift the load and move to another location without the need for outriggers or a separate transportation system. This makes it versatile for various construction, infrastructure and industrial applications. These cranes feature a telescopic boom and are mounted on rubber tyres for easy manoeuvrability. Their mobility and operational flexibility make them valuable for works requiring both lifting, carrying and placing loads.

Components of Pick and Carry Cranes 

  • Chassis: Base with framework, wheels, and engine for mobility and stability.
  • Telescopic Boom: Extendable arm with hydraulic systems for adjustable reach during lifting.
  • Operator’s Cab: Control center for the crane, located on the chassis or turntable.
  • Counterweight: Balances the crane during lifting, typically located at the rear.
  • Hydraulic System: Controls boom movement, lifting mechanisms, and operational functions.
  • Outriggers: Extendable legs providing additional stability when the crane is stationary.
  • Hook or Lifting Attachment: Used for the crane’s lifting capacity; attached to the end of the boom.

Why Pick and Carry cranes are used? 

  • Lifts and transports heavy loads horizontally.
  • High mobility with a chassis for easy navigation in confined spaces.
  • Versatile in handling various materials and loads.
  • Enhances efficiency by combining lifting and carrying functions.
  • Quick material placement, ideal for precise positioning in construction.
  • Can be used in confined spaces
  • No outriggers required
  • Reduced ground pressure

Different models of Pick and Carry cranes

Hybrid Pick and Carry Crane with Anti-Topping System

The latest Hybrid Pick-n-Carry Crane comes with a 49.5 HP engine compatible with both Diesel and CNG.  It is equipped with anti-toppling features that provide enhanced safety on-site and innovative technology. Different sensors in the crane ensure the equipment is immobilised when entering an unsafe zone along with audio-visual warnings. One of its key advantages lies in its cost-effective operations, thanks to the Hybrid Engine, ensuring lower fuel consumption and a rear deck utility for efficient material and manpower movement between sites. The crane’s 3-part fully powered boom reaches an impressive height of 13m, providing exceptional reach and versatility in various construction scenarios. Additionally, the use of 14×24 heavy-duty rear tires enhances the machine’s longevity, catering to the demand for robust equipment in the industry. Safety takes centre stage in the design, with front outriggers ensuring stability during erection or high-height work, setting a new benchmark for safety standards in the 13-ton class.The crane can be used for infrastructure projects that require a high level of safety not only for the operator but also for people around it, such as bridges, metros, expansion of plants etc. 

Hybrid Pick-n-Carry Crane

Pick and carry crane with advanced hydraulic system

The pick-and-carry mobile cranes come with a hydraulic system, utilising a gear/intra vane-type main pump, a four-spool control valve, and multiple double-acting cylinders for lift, steering, and extension. The crane ensures safety through pneumatically assisted hydraulic brakes, a parking brake, and features like audio overload indication and house failure protection. The telescopic boom, a key component, operates with hydraulic precision, achieving telescoping in just 12 seconds. The winch, driven by a hydraulic motor, achieves a notable line speed of 50 metres/minute. Steering is facilitated by power steering with a 55-degree articulation through two hydraulic cylinders, providing a turning radius of 6.5 metres. In terms of optional features, the crane offers versatility with choices such as a fly jib, air brakes, different boom heights, and a safe load indicator. Its overall design includes a fully enclosed ROPS cabin, front tire protector, work lights, reflectors, and other standard equipment. With an operating weight ranging from 9250 kgs to 9800 kgs, it can be used for diverse construction and material handling applications.

Pick-and-carry mobile crane

Pick and carry crane with microprocessor technology

The pick and carry crane models are characterised by an advanced design that integrates state-of-the-art microprocessor technology, ensuring not only precise control during operations but also elevating safety standards for both operators and the surrounding environment. With a substantial 15-tonne capacity, the crane excels in pick-n-carry tasks, showcasing its strength and versatility. The standout feature lies in its main boom, which exhibits exceptional flexibility by extending from 6 to 13 metres in a mere 3 seconds, offering swift adaptability to various lifting requirements. Furthermore, the crane prioritises user-friendly operation, simplifying complex tasks for operators, while its streamlined maintenance procedures contribute to prolonged efficiency and reduced downtime. The broad application suitability ensures that it meets diverse lifting needs, and these comprehensive features collectively position the crane as a pioneering and efficient solution in the competitive landscape of material handling and lifting equipment.

Pick and carry crane with microprocessor technology

Pick and Carry cranes for multiple-applications

The pick and carry crane is being specially manufactured to cater to the Indian market’s higher lifting capacity applications and safety standards. Featuring a compact design with 75% stability, this 4 4-wheel drive crane incorporates a powerful emission compliance engine, synchro shuttle transmission, and heavy-duty axles for versatility in various crane applications. Operator comfort is a priority, achieved through a clutch-free operation, a large torque converter, and the absence of a clutch pedal to reduce fatigue during extended working hours. The crane ensures safety and manoeuvrability in tight spaces with smooth steering flexibility. Noteworthy features include telematics as standard fitment, a travel speed of 42 km/hr, high ground clearance, and additional amenities such as a reverse camera, wheel guard, FM radio, and a mobile charger in the cabin. The robust structure integrates a counterweight and tank in the rear body. Applications range from construction and mining to manufacturing industries, service and maintenance, as well as erection and installation. 

Pick and Carry cranes for multiple-applications

The demand of Pick and Carry cranes

The mobility of pick and carry cranes allows for easy transportation between different job sites. This portability is especially valuable in a country like India with varied terrain and construction projects scattered across different regions. Its demand is driven by; 

  • Rapid urbanization and infrastructure development drive demand.
  • Versatility suits a variety of construction sites, especially in congested urban areas.
  • Essential for industrial growth, facilitating efficient material handling.
  • Portability and ease of transportation make them adaptable to diverse terrains.
  • Diverse applications extend beyond construction to maintenance and warehouses.


Pick and carry cranes play an important role in various industries, offering versatility and mobility. Their ability to lift, transport, and place loads with precision makes them indispensable for tasks in confined spaces or challenging terrains. As technology advances, these cranes continue to evolve, enhancing safety features and operational efficiency. With a promising future, pick and carry cranes are set to remain vital contributors to modern construction and material handling practices.

Image Source: escortsgroup.com, tilindia.in, liebherr.com, terex.com


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