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Manitou launches new range of articulated loaders

With 12 new models, Manitou Group has extended its range of articulated loaders, which now comprises 22 models, all available under the Gehl AL  and Manitou MLAbrands. These new products offer a load capacity ranging from 700kg to 1.5t for a lifting height of between 2.50m for a short arm and 3.07m for a long arm. In order to offer a level of performance adapted to each model, series 2 and 3 models are equipped with a 25hp stage V engine, and series 4 and 5 with 48hp.

The complete range makes it possible to respond to very wide-ranging demands, with the largest of the articulated loaders providing a nominal load capacity of up to 3.3 tonnes. This depth of range is aimed at many markets thanks to a wide selection of attachments comprising more than 100 products, including buckets, forks and bale clamps, as well as levelers and augers.

The wide variety of applications enables the Group to target very different markets, be it agriculture, with stable and livestock maintenance, or construction, with specifically designed models (AL320/MLA 3-25 H-C and AL420/MLA 4-50 H-C for “Construction”). These two versions also allow pallets of materials to be handled on urban sites, where there are space constraints.

It should also be noted that with such a broad product range, the new articulated loaders will also fully meet the expectations of landscapers and horticulturists. All the models are equipped with hydrostatic transmission for added performance. The Manitou MLA 2-25H and Gehl AL 230 models have a hydraulic motor on each wheel to make these small machines even more maneuverable in any environment. These new models will all be available in all the Gehl and Manitou distribution networks in Europe in June.

“We want to provide our users with solutions that are tailored to their needs with compact, high-performance machines that can move around easily in any kind of environment,” said Frédérik Crul, manager of the articulated loader range. “Distributed under the Manitou and Gehl brands, this range will be available close to our customers, with an increasingly premium service offered to our customers.”

Manitou Group has worked on the design of these new machines to create models that are more ergonomic and even more slim-line than previous ones, while still offering a very high level of performance. The engine hoods have been shortened and the engine positioned lengthwise to the chassis to reduce the size of series 3 and 4 models. The minimum width is 1.10 m.

The chassis has also been revised to reduce the length of these products. The low height of between 2.14 m and 2.29 m for the biggest models also allows them to be maneuvered easily in tight spaces. A joystick makes them quick to master, by new and experienced users alike. In addition, optimal 360° visibility around the cab ensures a very high level of safety for users.


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