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Live webinar series on Building Construction and Supervision

Confidence Building Technical Training Programme (Saturdays Course)

Date: 16 January 2021 to 3 July 2021 (25 Saturdays)

Time: 9.30 am to 11.00 am & 11.30 am to 1.00 pm

Organized by: Instruct, Bangalore

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Construction supervision helps you to complete your project on time and on budget, while meeting all relevant regulations and quality standards.

Construction project supervisors manage construction projects from the beginning to the end ensuring that projects are completed within the time and budget allocated. A good understanding of the construction processes involved is important for successful completion of the project within the specified parameters.

Construction supervisors must control the time, cost and quality of construction at every phase whether buildings, such as industrial and residential, or infrastructure like roads and bridges they would need to equip with a good working knowledge of several aspects of construction – such as the HOWs and WHYs of materials, their QC, installations, etc, to be able to do justice to the role.

INSTRUCT has designed Building Construction & Supervision course especially to prepare supervisors to effectively carry out the challenging and thankless roles.

Objectives of the course:-

  1. Impart requisite knowledge on every aspect of construction – i,e answers to what, why & how
  2. Provide tools to monitor construction phases and control the same to meet project requirements.
  3. Expose the supervisors to the key concepts of quality in every process – to measure and to take corrective actions.

All the participants will be provided course material online in PDF format.

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